In Russia, there is the main city – Moscow. The place is pretty creepy, overpopulated and
dirty. The prices are crazy on all the conditions of life is a waste food and alcohol – shit,
the number of scum is many times compatible with life concentration.
But there is a lot of money, mostly stolen. What attracts the population of the different handmade villages – with the result that the population of Moscow is growing.
In Moscow, there is a Tsar Cannon, Tsar Bell, the main Orthodox Church of the Saviour on the Auto Service Station, the Kremlin (such an ancient fortress in which kings and close lackeys hide from the people), a Mausoleum with a stuffed chief bandit who died a long time ago.
There are still hours of traffic jams around the clock, and about a million offices, which sit managers and cashiers.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description

The main occupation in business at Muscovites – to sell any import rubbish to other Muscovites, but in connection with sanctions, it became much more difficult and less profitable.
The second main type of business in Moscow is called “reconstruction” – basically, it’s just a euphemism, meaning the cut of the city budget under the sauce of multiple laying tiles on the sidewalks many times on the same place, as well as the demolition and construction of various sheds.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description

The third and most notable business is propaganda. It is impossible to count the number of professional brain trappers, but the state releases such budgets for ideological work with the population that it is a sin not to master them.
The most powerful mouthpiece, of course, is television, but there are still all sorts of strange public organizations that also “educate” the population – Cossacks, Orthodox soldiers, for example, or “Eurasians”, or the essence of time,” or various other bastards.

Red March and rally under the slogan ”in Moscow Maidan not to happen.” Red March in Moscow,” Essence of Time ” Kurginyan.
And, of course, huge teams of “Internet trolls” – paid bloggers, commentators of Patriotic orientation, who misbehave in social networks and blog platforms.
The education of the population is very successful.
And what is curious, most often the education of the population is not engaged in the Russians themselves, but mamzers, Soviet half-breed Jews.

In General, the national question in Moscow is very acute – in fact, if you go to the subway – and not always see the European face.
Russian in Moscow left a bit, and will soon run out completely – because now it is the Slavs
in Moscow – a national minority.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description

In Moscow, there are many museums that are visited by village monkeys, theaters, restaurants, banks, and any of the ministries in figure skating, lace panties and thoughtcrimes, ridiculous giant statues, the zoo, and two fucking pups.
Du Soleil also wanted to make their court, but Moscow officials prevailed so far. In the circus go very few people, because, in Moscow, all life looks like some kind of cruel circus.

In addition to the cultural life of this lean, performances are limited to is usually sticking frozen chickens in a natural cavity of the body by women or by nailing own male genitals nailed to the city objects or exhibitions of any terrible misery.
Otherwise – seriously punished by the authorities.
There are a huge number of disgusting entertainers, better known for their debauchery and sexual deviations than creativity. Especially for some reason an honorable occupation-to fuck with ancient old men and old women.
There are especially popular elderly ladies to copulate with which considers necessary any young talent wishing to participate in show business. Old ladies are thrilled, and even, sometimes, buy their children in small wholesale.
For many years, it is divorce and adultery elderly celebrities almost Stalin era – are the basis of the social chronicle.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description

In Moscow love to spend the pathos of the event – type of nation-wide forums, more like Parthasarathy the Soviet era – where have thoroughly state officials and “businessmen” are nonsense, sleeping in the hall, and in between fucking hired and paid by the government to escort the girls, and devour the eggs with the grouse under Courvoisier and Crystal.

Mathematics lesson from the President of Russia, Moscow. A striking example of senile dementia and schizophasia.

Usually, at such events, the main speaker so clearly demonstrates his insanity that it is time to call the orderlies.
For the people, too, arrange various celebrations, sometimes even with the distribution of food, which causes mass fights. Especially the authorities like to feed the population with a shovel-pancakes and salad “Olivier” of expired supermarket products.

Food fights. The Patriarch calls on Russians not to get rich. Moscow, Russian Federation.

In addition to the festivities often there are a variety of catastrophes, for example, recently in new year’s eve bridge collapsed under a crowd of people. Nobody cares.

In Moscow, the bridge collapsed on New Year’s Eve. Festivities. Tellingly, under the anthem of Russia.

Try as much as possible to avoid ANY large crowds in Moscow, because any crowd is unpredictable and cruel, in Moscow – in particular.
Moscow girls – cold, beautiful, depraved, deceitful and extremely selfish, Recalling the habits of the miner in the mine – and what to do, the years fly by, and princes less…
Prostitutes in Moscow a sufficient number, however, simply because of the General atmosphere of every Moscow woman – at least in part – a prostitute, and such a thing as “harassment” in Moscow does not exist, it’s just a question of price.
Some enough chocolate, youngsters are usually given for the scorched Chinese iPhone, such proposals are enough in social networks.
Many married ladies also through social networks trade in prostitution and do not see anything shameful in it, all the same life in Moscow is incredibly expensive, alas.
The price of a decent whore starts from $ 100, the use of a condom is mandatory.
You can always choose a girl for 1 night in Moscow, within a radius of 100 meters from wherever you are.
This will help you service “Yandex naps”  –  for example, prostitutes map of Moscow

prostitutes map of Moscow

prostitutes map of Moscow


However, if you stay in any hotel in Moscow, you will be given an excellent choice of girls working at the hotel constantly.
You can also choose a social network and book in advance, at the time of your visit to Moscow, a decent married or free young woman – many prefer to get acquainted in advance.
Alcohol in Moscow should be bought exclusively in expensive specialty stores, almost everything that is sold in supermarkets – either fake or very low-quality products.

Good cocaine to buy in Moscow it is absolutely impossible unless the friends you will present. However, amphetamine in various versions is sold everywhere in any club, completely free, and very decent quality. Hashish, marijuana-also sold everywhere in the residential areas of the Caucasians and Asians, the prices are moderate, the quality is excellent. Usually, dealers are spinning at metro stations, near mini-markets, kiosks, etc.
But heroin and raw opium to buy in Moscow strongly recommend – extremely dirty goods, and very often – police setups.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description
The most detailed vector map of Moscow with all the streets and houses

It is absolutely impossible for a visiting person to understand Moscow without a map, and to ask no one, because most Muscovites came to Moscow in the last 10-15 years, and remained still a peasant, with straw in his hair and a steady smell of collective farm pig manure, clogging any perfume. However, they are dressed better now than on the collective farm.
It is necessary to use the maps of Moscow skillfully, firstly, immediately upon arrival or on arrival, at the airport or at the station – be sure to get a good printing map, within a $ 5 in 1 sheet, and in addition to it – a multi-page Atlas of Moscow.
To rely on Google maps or Google maps is good, but due to the small size of the images on your smartphone – you are guaranteed to make a mistake with the scale, and what You think “near” – will be in 6 hours of traffic jams and with transfers.

Shopping: Shopping in Moscow makes sense if you are not limited in funds, or you just need to urgently buy something. Prices in boutiques or in ordinary stores are absolutely horse and do not expect to buy something super-fresh or fashionable. In the best case, it will be a sale of the last year’s stock collection, at worst-just junk from the Turkish market at the price of panties from Chantal Thomas. If you need a tuxedo or tailcoat for the evening, or fancy dress for a party-it is easier to rent, the prices are very reasonable, and a great choice.
Arriving in Moscow for some event, and if you are limited in time – try to determine the routes in advance on the map, and do not count on taxi drivers – first, they do not know Moscow and do not understand the map in the phone or in the Navigator, and secondly – often almost do not speak Russian.
In any case, the event or shooting on TV you need to come much in advance, at least 12 hours, otherwise you seriously risk hopelessly late due to traffic jams and traffic confusion.

Traffic jams in Moscow constantly, but there are days when Moscow gets dead completely.

The political life of Moscow in the opinion of an outsider is very strange, there is a “Parliament” – The State Duma, in which thieves, bandits, urban lunatics, artists and athletes sit. What unites them is that they all have a fake academic degree, and a complete lack of decent education, and in General the profession. And of course, all the deputies are very wealthy people, millionaires, and billionaires. Most also have foreign citizenship (usually the EU and the US), and serious real estate and other assets abroad.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description
Idiots and thieves in the Duma.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description
It is believed that they develop and adopt laws, but this is not so.
Laws are taken either on direct orders from above, either stupidly for money.
In principle, you can and cannibalism to solve if you pay me.
In free from the main “work “time – ” deputies” indulge, i.e. accept absolutely delusional laws, such as permission to breathe, look at the sun and collecting dead wood, berries, and mushrooms.
There is also a” city government”, and the Moscow city Duma, and prefectures – in principle, all the same as In the state Duma, only a smaller scale.

The most important President in Russia is believed to be sitting in the Kremlin, but in fact, this is not quite true. There are about a dozen of them, victims of plastic surgery, some-not like the original V. V. Putin. However, this immortal multiple “Putin” manages to win elections even almost without cheating, because the propaganda machine works perfectly.
Manages Moscow and Russia on fact several criminal clans – Chechen, gas, oil, naval industrial, ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy. All Moscow and Russian “power ” in General – just represent their interests.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description
There is in Moscow and opposition to the authorities – basically, it is divided into three parts –  rose communists with huge flocks of retirees and lumpen, confusing the liberals of the moth-eaten secular characters and outright fraud, and Navarrette – pupils, students, freelancers, and Junior Managers.
The last are driven by all – and Cossacks, and Orthodox armies, and police, actually, in Moscow the rare school student or the freelancer didn’t participate in any protests inspired by the oppositional politician Alexey Navalny. Behind Navalny, as you know, there is a military-industrial criminal – FSB  clan Chemezov – one of the most powerful in the country, and accordingly, Navalny is afraid to touch.
The Cossacks were beaten with whips of demonstrators, Moscow. In no case do not take part in any protest events, even accidentally, a passing person may be arrested or maimed.

The real opposition of the authorities in Moscow was but partly died out due to old age and diseases, partly was killed in various ways by order of the authorities.

The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov, Moscow

Education is represented by hundreds of universities, which differ only in the size of bribes for admission and training and show off graduates.
However, the diploma of any of them Muscovites and guests of the capital can buy cheap in an underpass, and, of course, on the Internet.
You can find a high – paying job in Moscow – if you have an uncle in Gazprom, or a very popular specialty, check and arrange an interview better through the Internet on the websites of recruitment agencies, so all reasonable people do.
Come just like that and” look for work ” – will not work. Or rather, it will, but at absolutely miserable rate. In McDonald’s (if You still there take) to pay will in the best case 18-24 thousands of rubles without any would the nor was prospects.
Other options – “sales managers” and” employees on the trading floor ” with a miserable rate and an unreal percentage of sales that you will never see.
However, if you are a beautiful young girl without complexes – you will have tempting options.
And if you still have a brain and the ability to knock on the keyboard – then your future, with some luck, is quite assured.

Opening a business in Moscow is not difficult, and fast enough. Another thing is that to conduct it legally and pay all taxes will not work – it is technically impossible.
Although there are interesting market niches, mainly related to the import of anything that is under sanctions in the interests of large technology corporations.
Apparently, this is a long-term growth trend.
Quite a lot of Muscovites, having a relatively small start-up capital, have long been engaged in investing in the construction of housing or shopping/office complexes at the stage of the project or Foundation, and then sold or leased real estate. Business is semi-legal and very risky in the sense that many construction sites have gone bankrupt and around them roam flocks of deceived investors, sadly moaning and shouting “Putin Help!”, and waving crosses and icons.

A picket of the deceived shareholders in Moscow

Moscow is a very religious city, it has many churches, mainly Orthodox, there are mosques, synagogues, Buddhist temples and other institutions of official distributors of grace.
During various religious holidays, you need to be very careful when moving around Moscow, because many large transport arteries are blocked for many hours praying.
It should also be borne in mind that government tuples during public holidays, and without any reason – can suddenly paralyze movement for several hours.

The queue to the relics of an unknown deceased (mummy) issued for the authentic remains of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Moscow

Fury of victory: not quite a purely Moscow phenomenon, but in Moscow manifests itself the most vividly. Since the beginning of the year, and until the end of June – the authorities allocate huge funds for various attributes, events, performances, parades and other related to the 2nd world war.
In the ethical and religious sense is one of the types of the cult of “dead heroes”, or “cargo cult” in which the object-source and magnified various heroic deeds, real or mythical characters and material objects, including military equipment.
The culmination of the victory reaches to may 9-Victory Day, which is celebrated every year with increasing scale and increasing absurdity. To parade and demonstration in a military uniform of times of the 2nd World War dress even small children, not only adults, and even paint “under tanks” carriages. Everyone should walk with striped ribbons. Does not have a ribbon runs the risk to face from drunken pals.

Valpurgieva Night in broad daylight, Fury of victory Moscow

The funny thing about this holiday is fake “veterans” – older men and women proudly walking in the crowd in ridiculous uniforms and hung with fake orders, and often sit on the various high stands. They get flowers, and they get free drinks. Nobody is confused that these “veterans” are not present in appearance also 60 years.

Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description  Moscow  Russia - real map for tourists and businessmen the brief description
They behave extremely arrogantly.
The main action in the Victory day Is a Parade. In no case do not try to watch it “live” – a terrible crush, and security is not provided. If you are interested in old military equipment, or plywood models of modern Russian military equipment, or just like to look at the strong guys walking in step – watch on TV, a great techno-gay show.

Fury of victory, Moscow

Needless to say, all military-Patriotic events in Moscow turn it into an absolutely impassable city, and at first a rehearsal is held for a few days, military equipment is imported, then the equipment leaves the city – in General, about a week is a transport nightmare.

The queue to the “Belt of the Virgin”, Moscow.

It is necessary to follow the religious news in General, because in Moscow often bring a variety of sacred objects – the bones of saints, their clothing and other questionable artifacts that have magical powers. Superstitious Muscovites love to kiss them and pray to some heel of the ancient Jewish preacher, which creates huge crowds, queues, and serious transport problems, and without a printed map of Moscow in addition to navigation in the smartphone – you will not do.

Making Holy water by washing the mummified leg of an unknown person. Moscow, Russian Federation, 21 century.

Security. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “security” in Moscow. The police are mainly engaged in extortion from crooks, prostitutes, direct racketeering and levying “taxes” from business, they have no time to investigate crimes.
Threat: Yourself street the police, the Snatchers (stealing of car valuables), prostitutes Clofelin, bandits and extremely aggressive guests from the Caucasus and Central Asia. At dusk and at night, it is dangerous to be outside public buildings, hotels or apartments in residential areas.

However, in the afternoon and early evening on the Central streets of Moscow, it is quite comfortable.
Especially if you have a Glock-17 in your pocket and you know how to use it. Reference: You can get a permit for weapons in Moscow, but it is long and expensive, and there are no options for visitors.

Restaurants: a lot of them, ordinary, ethnic, thematic, fast food, etc., strongly for every taste and budget. You can easily find them on the Internet, and mark on the map to visit, but keep in mind, tables inexpensive good restaurants you need to book in advance – sometimes a few months.
Caution in Moscow should be treated to fish dishes, especially raw fish and shellfish-fresh in Moscow and there cannot be by definition, and raw fish in sushi bars, as a rule, all infected with worms. If possible, it is better to abstain.
However, again, in Moscow, there are many great restaurants and great chefs.
Because crooks and thieves like to go out.
In General, life in Moscow is a serious stress and a test for the psyche and the purse, and most of your Moscow life you are guaranteed to spend standing in traffic jams. Relatively comfortable life in Moscow is very likely if you have a lot of free time and the opportunity to spend from 25 thousand dollars a month and not to suffer about it.