Fugawi Global Navigator is a complete navigational system that makes powerful use of the extraordinary GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM. With Fugawi, you easily create accurate digital maps from any scanned map or existing map database (ie. BSB MARINE CHARTS or USGS TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS). Then, in real-time navigation mode, your exact position is displayed on the map as you move and new maps are automatically loaded as you travel to new areas. Fugawi also brings you all the convenience of computer mapping without having to carry it on your travels. You simply position waypoints and routes on your map with a click of the mouse and then upload them to your GPS receiver for use out in the field. Upon returning to your base, you can download added waypoints, routes and tracks onto the digital maps for analysis. Fugawi can upload any map from your PC to a laptop. Just select an area of a map and press a button. Fugawi does the rest. Enjoy compact real-time GPS navigation. Fugawi also synchronizes waypoints, routes and tracks! NEW Now offers 3D viewing and ‘fly-through’! See your maps as never before. Allows one to view any Fugawi compatible raster map in stunning 3D*. Use a mouse or joystick to ‘fly’ across a vivid 3D landscape or view your GPS position on the 3D map. Adjust date, time and lighting conditions to see how the shadows fall. * Automatically converts the GPS datum (WGS 84) to the map datum. In fact, users in Sweden, Finland, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland and New Zealand will find that the conversion in FUGAWI is more accurate than the conversion in their GPS receivers or other mapping programs * Draw tracks and routes freehand. Or draw free-hand around an area on the map and FUGAWI will accurately calculate the area enclosed * Select location icons like: boats, planes, cars, hikers or targets that rotate as you change direction. And any icon can mark a waypoint * Upload waypoints and routes from your PC to your laptop with GPS receiver for field use or download waypoints, routes and tracks to your PC for analysis or mapping (View our GPS compatibility table) * Serial port for GPS receiver (WIll also work with PCMCIA serial port emulation, USB with serial adapter USB Details , or Garmin USB units) Source.

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