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I need to export a graticule from Geocart to a CAD program so I can eventually get some templates of the curves cut by CNC. I need to export the graticule in a vector format, and I see that there is an option in Geocart to export document as a PDF. However, when I try to open this PDF File in my CAD program I get a ‘PDF File Read Error’ saying ‘There are no objects to load in this file’ The guy at CAD support suggested that some PDF files only contain Raster data so cant be read by a CAD program, though I would have thought that a PDF of the graticule would be in vector format. I’m puzzled. The graticule is always exported as vectors (in fact, as Bézier curves) for PDF. If there are no raster databases present in the map then there won’t even be a raster layer in the PDF. Maybe the CAD software can’t interpret Bézier curves? If you have Adobe Illustrator, you might try the post processing script (GeocartLayers.jsx) found in Geocart’s Sample Documents folder. It restructures the PDF in ways that are helpful for editing, including removing unhelpful clipping masks. Perhaps that will placate the CAD software. RhinoCAD support have told me that ‘Not all PDF files contain geometry that Rhino recognises. This one appears to be one of those.’ – so it sounds like it cant interpret the Bezier curves. Rhino does also import Adobe Illustrator files ( .ai ), though the same problem might persist in these. The standard format to use in this situation are Drawing Exchange Files ( .DXF ) which all CAD programs can read. Thanks, Martin. It would not surprise me to learn that the CAD software cannot convert Béziers. I would be keen to hear how pdftodxf works for you. sent me an automated reply saying the file contained raster data (which it doesn’t) and I would have to pay to get it converted. quoted me $115 to do the conversion. Their software looks like it works by turning raster data into vector, rather than just converting the geometry directly. A friend of mine who runs AutoCAD was also unable to open the file. So it looks like the PDF might be incompatible with all CAD software, not just mine. He did say though: ‘I’ve also had this issue with beizer line when other people have opened my files.’ which seems to imply that AutoCAD can work with Bezier curves. I dont have Adobe Illustrator or Acrobat, so please would you do me the favour of opening the PDF in Adobe Illustrator and saving it as an AI file and any other kind of file that your system will allow on the off chance that I will then be able to open it. Rhino cannot open CS2 files are later. Save your file from Adobe Illustrator as a version CS (version 11) or older file format. Rhino only reads curve geometry, not text. Convert text to curves before saving or exporting the Adobe Illustrator file. I just tried to attach my PDF file to this message but it failed, saying ‘The extension pdf is not allowed.’ so perhaps you could let me know your email and Ill send it to you that way. Source.

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