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This course is for delegates who already have sound skills in the use of Access and are now ready to expand their knowledge into some of the more specialised and advanced functions of the software. This course will provide delegates with sk… Satellite navigation, Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps – it appears that maps are becoming more widely used, understood and expected as a means of accessing and disseminating information. A consequence of this is that GIS is becoming more … CorelDraw is still a very popular drawing application with some fairly impressive features. This course, aimed at those with no previous knowledge of CorelDraw, will introduce the essential tools and techniques through hands on exercises an… This is a two-day Introduction course in the latest version of ArcView (the most commonly used of the ArcGIS desktop family)…. This is a two-day Introduction course in one of the world’s leading desktop mapping solutions – MapInfo Professional. The course is aimed at those who are new to MapInfo, or at those at a novice level. The aim is to give users confidence to… A one-day Advanced course aimed at those who are competent ArcView users, ideally having previously attended an approved introductory level course in ArcView…. You already know how to create static Web sites using HTML. Now you want to expand your capabilities as a Web developer to creating Web applications that you can’t create in HTML. ColdFusion MX Level 1 is the first course on the topic of c… This course is intended to give an introduction to the Act! program and a confidence in the main program features and how they can be used to benefit your organisation. … This course will enable delegates to create and maintain modern, interactive websites. By using HTML and CSS, and enriching pages with elements such as images and Flash content, delegates will be able to create websites that are not only in… This course will enable delegates to: Create & manage appointments, tasks and notes, Understand the ‘Proxy’ features and activate when necessary, Create and manage Personal, Shared and Find Results Folders on their accounts, Create / Modify… Information provided is for information purposes only and no guarantees are made with regards to accuracy. It is advised that all details are checked prior to making a booking. Contents © 1999 – 2016. All rights reserved. Source.

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