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Grad school…remember the dreaded time-consuming and painstaking figure grounds that had to be manually traced in CAD? Nope there is an easier way. Use Maperative and export to Adobe Illustrator. I ran across a method of streamlining this process so I felt compelled to share. Spend more time designing and less time with context maps. For full article : STEP 1. Download Maperative for free here: Save to desktop and unzip. Run run Maperitive.exe (on Windows) or (on Linux/Mac). STEP 2. Get Map/Download OSM Data: Visit: . Search for a location. I will choose Phoenix, AZ STEP 3. Export Data: Click on Export data on bottom left side of openstreetmap. Save file to desktop. File name is map.osm. STEP 5: Turn off Web map. Click the star icon off for Web map located on bottom left of screen. Then Choose Tools&gt, Export to SVG (For Adobe Illustrator). Note the location of the illustrator export file (Found on the bottom command line screen) STEP 6: Launch Adobe Illustrator. Click File&gt, Open&gt, Navigate to the file called “output” and open. Source.

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