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So you’ve acquired an impressive collection of vectors and you want to be able to use them as Photoshop brushes, right ? Well, you can easily transform them into brushes in just a few seconds and I’m here to show you how to do it. Open your .EPS file in Illustrator and turn all the vector shapes’ color into pure black (#000000). If you vector has more colors, use the Magic Wand (Y) to select each color and hit Delete, leaving only the outline. (to set Tolerance to “0”, hit Enter after you select the Magic Wand Tool (Y)) Open Photoshop,go to File &gt, New… and create a new document of 2500 x 2500 px in RGB color mode, with the “Background setting set to “White”. (2500 px is the maximum size for the brushes).[/cleeng_content] Go back to Photoshop and paste it in (CTRL+V). When prompted to select the paste type, check “Smart Object” and hit OK. Now you’re in Free Transform mode. Resize it to fit the entire document, either on width or height, depends which one is larger. Hit Enter to exit Free Transform mode. Go to Edit &gt, Define Brush Preset…, name your brush and hit OK. Repeat for the other vector shapes. To save your brushes, open the Brushes palette (F5) and click the small arrow in the top right corner of the window. Select “Preset Manager”. Here, you can delete any extra brushes, load others or rename the brushes. Hit OK when you’re done cleaning them up. When you define a brush preset, Photoshop only sees you image in grayscale and uses the gray tones to set the opacity of the brush. That’s why you need to set the vectors to pure black and the background color to white. Very well explained tutorial guys! I make custom brushes all the time but I’ve never created/released my own brush set, this is really helpful. Hey Tom, we are glad you liked our tutorial, we try our best to make it comprehensive and intuitive – good luck with creating your own brushes ,) Every person should know about this? Have you ever thought about the fact that some people are beginners with Photoshop, or did you already knew this when you launched Photoshop for the very first time in your life? Not everyone knows how to do it and this tutorial is out because we received emails asking how they can convert our vectors into Photoshop brushes. An artist will just open photoshop and start working his magic without using effects and for some, it takes a month to figure out how to set the layer blending mode to overlay (yes, there was a case such as this!) This is nice tut, but can you tell me how can I convert an object to shape? If any buddy knows please share. Source.

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