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In OS X, all file types have a default application that opens when you double click on them. If you double click on a PDF file or a PNG file, chances are that your Mac will open it in Preview, Apple’s default PDF and image file app. If you’ve given an app like Adobe Reader, for example, permission to set itself as the default PDF app, then all PDFs will open in Reader. Over time, you may have set apps as default that you no longer want to open your files. Conversely, you might want all JPG files to open in Preview, except one specific JPG file, which you’d like to open in Photoshop. Here’s how to make both of these situations work for you. First up, to change the default app across all documents of a give file type, simply click on a file of that type, say, a PDF file. Then right-click on that file (or Control-click, if you like) and choose Get Info from the resulting contextual menu. Look toward the bottom of the Information window that will open up, and find the section that says “Open With:” Click on the little triangle next to this section, or, if it’s already open, choose the app you’d like to set as that file type’s default from the pop up menu. Then, click on the Change All… button below that area, and from then on, all files of that type will attempt to open in the app you chose when you double click. Now, if you’d like to open a specific file in a specific app, overriding the default app, simply right-click on the file, and then hit the Option key on your keyboard. The Open With contextual menu item will then change to “Always Open With,” and allow you to choose which Application you’d like to use to open this file with, all the time, no matter what the default app is set to. Tech employees at Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are some of the most ardent supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, according to findings by the Federal Elections Commission. In all, Google employees have donated $250,000 to Sanders’ campaign, while Apple workers have handed over a not-unimpressive $85,576. That’s in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton and Republican front-runner Donald Trump, both of whom have mainly attracted financial groups as their leading supporters. Apple and Google have leant their names to an open letter taking aim at a controversial new anti-encryption bill, which demands that tech companies make their devices breakable at will. “We write to express our deep concerns about well-intentioned but ultimately unworkable policies around encryption that would weaken the very defenses we need to protect us from people who want to cause economic and physical harm,” the letter opens. In addition to Apple and Google, other tech giants which signed the missive include Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, and more. If you love rose gold but hate yourself for even thinking about getting locked into Apple’s walled garden, you’re going to love Samsung’s new pink gold (not rose gold) color option for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. I love the Metal Slug franchise. I don’t think there’s anyone my age (early thirties), who grew up on a diet of comic books and testosterone-fuelled action movies from the 1980s, that doesn’t. But while the franchise’s iOS efforts have so far been confined to diverting spinoffs like tower defense games, a new title promises to take the classic Metal Slug spirit (even if it’s not an official game in the series) and pour it into an all new balls-to-the-wall action-platformer-shooter. The FBI has had three weeks to examine the unlocked iPhone belonging to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook, and U.S. law enforcement officials are finally ready to say whether they were able to find anything of use on the handset. In today’s digital job market, data is king. Learning to work with the vast oceans of data that inform today’s enterprises of all sizes can be intimidating, but one thing you can be sure you’ll need to know is the SQL database language. Knowing how to build and manage databases is one of the most lucrative skills you can add to your resume, and right now you can learn learn SQL inside and out when you sign up for this SQL Bootcamp for only $49. Source.

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