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This map has one layer for each country,so total more than 250 layers.Switch off layers to show a continent map or even single country. For very small countries the boundary is not very crisp. This free map will show the layered structure of a city map. You can also print this map with a high quality printer to review various scale printing. Or just view the map at high zoom levels and may be capture screens for web. This free world map with many editable countries can be easily manipulated in Powerpoint for compelling presentations. You want similar maps for any country or state, we can develop them at very reasonable rates. This map has many of the Chicago neighborhoods. It was made with Illustrator and its layers can be seen in the PDF file. The map is fully editable with Adobe Illustrator. Simple map of Australia with its provinces. This map was made by importing GIS shp files into Illustrator using Avenza MaPublisher plugin. The scale and projection information is also shown on the map. Many times a simple USA map is required for suitable editing in vector image software. Here a blank USA map can be downloaded and the PDF can be easily amended for use on website or print. Download the pdf file to review the layered structure of this free city map. The map designed with Illustrator and Mapublisher can be used as a base map for making multiple maps. This free map of the Hunan province of China, shows major cities in the province and boundaries. Such simple low cost maps can be used as locator maps for tourism related portals. Italy with its borders in the Alps presents multiple terrain. This free map made with elevation data depicts the rough terrain of the country. The terrain of the neighboring countries has been subdued for good effect. Source.

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