– ‘In this game I’m a small cog in a well oiled machine (admittedly some of that oil is midnight one, but hey, I ain’t about to complain,… – Trying to build that great game with clear objectives? Designing an RPG? Need a robust and flexible framework for Quests or Objectives? Then check… – Online game engines: analysis of the advantages and disadvantages that a solution like this offers when compared to the classic desktop game makers. Since the D1 days, D has had a package protection attribute akin to Java’s (though unlike Java, it is not the default). Applying package protection to any symbol in a module makes it accessible only to modules in the same package. module mylib.myp… Shields is another Module type that will prevent direct damage to spaceship, but will not have effect on entire ship. In another words, player must strategical choose what to protect and were to place the shield or a group of shield. … Hi there. It’s been a while. Spent some time today fixing up the stupid IPBoard chat. I somehow managed to monkey-patch IPBoard’s styles to maximize use of screen space: Before: After: The style can be found below and can be used installed using t… Source.

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