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We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To buy and download Galileo Offline Maps Pro – OSM based project for hikers & bikers traveling the wilderness by Evgen Bodunov, get iTunes now. Go offline anywhere you want — offline vector maps and offline search for your better travel experience. Record your GPS tracks, bookmark your favorite locations and sync them between your devices. • Import previously created custom offline maps in .sqlitedb or .mbtiles format (use Mobile Atlas Creator, TileMill or SAS.Planet to generate offline maps). I don’t normally write reviews but had to pick up Pen in order to do this one it’s a great app great price you won’t be disappointed I’ve been using it for years and it just keeps getting better!! Lots of updates, they are on the ball. Constantly updating the app and updating the downloadable free maps. It has small DETAILED downloadable maps that you can access fast, require no data (other than when you download them) and uses less power (no data means less power). Be sure to download your maps in advance of your trip so you don’t eat up your power or data. It’s great to have a map that does not require data downloads or a signal. I travel to Costa Rica often and it’s a must have app. If you download AND select vector maps in advance, you will not use data with this app (but you have to do this in advance!). Please understand what this app does. It’s a digital MAP, not a GPS, the map will show you where you are, not route you (just like a big paper map, but with a magic dot where you are). If you download the vector maps (and have the settings set for vector maps) it does not need any data (I use this on an iPad with no data plan and it works great!). These are vector maps: small detailed scaleable maps. These are easily downloadable from the app itself. This means with a quick download (size varies on state/country) I have all the details do the the city street and many landmarks. Here’s the important part: if I’m in an area of Michigan with no cell coverage I can still view my map because I already downloaded the whole thing! (You MUST leave your settings on “vector’, or it will try to download maps for whatever setting you are set at!) Downloading other off-line maps (this is great and it why I purchased it in the first place) you can get maps from different sources and build them (on your desktop computer) and put them on the device for later. I downloaded great maps with heights of the hills/mountains for where I hike in Costa Rica, I don’t need to use international data roaming for this since I built them once and they stay on the device. You can have it record a path/trail for where you have been and view (or export) where you’ve been. When hiking, I think of it as bread crumbs. These folks listen to feedback so write them with suggestions, people complained about the alert notifications and they removed it (but the old reviews are still there). I’ve sent them country suggestions (was there a week or two later), font size suggestions, bug reports and more. They’re constantly updating the maps and they have WAY more maps available then back in 2014 when they added downloadable maps to the app. Source.

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