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Newly launched, FlyFishMap is an interactive fly fishing website that uses Google Maps to geo-locate fly fishing related information. This includes information such as fisheries, fishing guides, tackle shops, tuition, accommodation, events, property for sale and conservation issues.

Users of Flyfishmap can add photos and YouTube videos of specific locations to the site. Flyfishmap also enables journalists, writers and bloggers to add fly fishing stories and articles to the site by using the ‘blog’ and ‘article’ markers.

The map consists completely of user generated content and users can create different types of markers (photos, YouTube markers, standard markers and multimedia markers which use the JW player to create audio, slideshow and video elements. This vector art in pdf Free Vector Map of USA with State Names, in Adobe Illustrator and PDF can also be useful.

Each map marker is given its own URL, meaning that users can share marker links and companies can directly link to their markers, e.g. from their websites. All markers are also metatagged so will eventually appear independently in Google (and other) search results.

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