We need EPS, Adobe SVG, and PDF in/out support. We really need to import/export the following formats: To really be considered a successful application, we must take these file formats in and be able to save them out. Scripts and other applications that provide conversions, and might be useful to investigate as solutions to this dilemma. For the SVG import in Open Office, do not use the import-from-file function. Instead, open the SVG, and copy it to your document. Possibly a filter could be created for Inkscape from their code, to enable at least being able to load OODraw’s SXD file format into Inkscape. The page also includes a binary svgexport.so package. Perhaps if this is fairly stand-alone, a filter program could be written in C++ based on the above java testcode that links against svgexport.so and provides its functionality on the commandline as a sxd2svg tool. When doing prepress work, its better to convert from ps to pdf on the commandline. there are several options available that make the result better fit the job, this is an example ps2pdf command: Source.

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