Here you will find the latest editions to our editable vector PowerPoint map range. The maps are of North and Central America. All these maps are fully editable and scalable in PowerPoint. We’ve included a few ideas on how you can modify these maps by using strokes and fills. I’ve just spent ages trying to work out how to download your maps – and still no joy! Am I being really stupid??! Can anyone help. I can’t actually get to the page where it gives me the option to download – just keeps talking about it. You need to to click on the link above marked “Editable maps of North and Central America” and on that page click the blue download button. Thank you for these maps – this was exactly what I was looking for our business presentation of distributors around the world!! Hello – Firstly thank you for the maps they are extremely useful and secondly sorry I may be being stupid here, but I need the pins without shadow, as I’m trying to create a map which shows all of the locations the various arms of our charity operates from – lots of locations – small map so the shadow gets in the way. Is that possible please? Thank you! I work in the UAE – and a good editable map of the MENA region would be really useful! Any chance you might do one soon? Hi there, I love the editable maps!! I am looking for a map of North America or North and Central America that will include state/province borders. Hi Morgan, Glad you like the maps. We are trying to improve all our maps but it does take a while so for now hope the maps of the USA will be ok and that as they are editable you can make your own changes – moving them arounding etc. Hi Elizabeth, glad you liked the template, we actually have lots of maps on our site, as an example, otherwise it’s best to use the navigation to find “maps” and “editable maps” which shows you even more. We are constantly updating our site with new templates and have several maps in the pipeline so keep checking back! Source.

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