In Ecuador, came to power a half-witted leftists. They search for a pocket ChineseSwiss knife in the cars on the roads,  – it is quite possible to rattle in the prison.
Weapons banned – crime is flooded up.
In the interests of the people introduced new taxes-business began to be covered, and all. It’s not far from the food-card system.
People – scary, idiotic laws, and ugly women at all.
What the Russians laundered serious loot, bought banana plantations and long fed Russia bananas. But at some crisis burned, alas.
By the way, almost 80% of flowers in Russia are Ecuadorian.
Culture – as such, in principle, no.
Here is the Hell – Wendy Sulca. Text: Mommy, how I want to suck your boob, I love your boob and all that.

Ecuador has the highest active volcano. Fuck this volcano…
In Ecuador, in Quito, he was born the Last Inca, being himself half Ecuadorian. Perhaps this half and was the reason that he was the last
In Ecuador, the Galapagos are home to the loneliest turtle. I understand her… Here is the nightmare at the bottom – seriously. Truth.

In Ecuador, the official monument to the equator is not on the equator. Which is his only point of note?
Life expectancy in Ecuador is 75 years.
Ecuador produces 500 thousand barrels of oil per day.
Ecuador is a member of UNASUR, ALBA and the Andean Union.
Panama invented in Ecuador. To the zoo to unsee.
In February 1945 Ecuador declared war on Germany. What finally determined the outcome of the second world war. Hitler fell into a deep depression, and after a short time shot himself.
There are no typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones or anticyclones in Ecuador.
On average, two hundred earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 4 points on the Richter scale occur in Ecuador every year.

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Ecuador is the only country in the world in which the President was in power, later removed because of mental disability.
The President is an official idiot. As you can see, we are not alone in the universe.
Ecuador has the evenest climate on the planet. It’s hot enough to make shit boil in your ass. In the mountains, truth, cool.
Ecuador is the only country with visa-free entry for citizens of all countries of the world.
During the Second World War, Ecuador suffered the largest territorial losses of the warring countries. Half its territory.
Ecuador’s national currency is US dollar.
In Ecuador, the Permanent Secretariat of UNASUR, the United South American Nations, is based in Quito.
Ecuador is a member of OPEC.
In Ecuador, the world’s largest area of National Parks and reserves to the common area. Ecuador is a country reserve.

Ecuador the smallest country in South America, not counting the semi-colonial Guyana, Guiana and Suriname.
Ecuador is the only country in the world that has refused to service its external debts, not because of financial insolvency, but because of the principle.
Ecuador is home to about 14 million people.
The capital of Ecuador, Quito, is the second highest in the world. On average 2800 M.
Ecuador’s main export products are oil, bananas, coffee, cocoa, rice, shrimp, fish, forest, flowers.
Ecuador is not in Africa. Well, that is what you see in the picture – not Africa once.

Vector World Map Colored Political updated 2017 with new borders, Main Roads, main Cities, States, all names, fully editable

Vector World Map Colored Political updated 2017 with new borders, Main Roads, main Cities, States, all names, fully editable

The territory of Ecuador was part of New Castile and Great Colombia in different historical periods.
In Ecuador, foreigners have the right to vote.
The right to vote for citizens of Ecuador is required. Under evasion – a fine.
Cars older than one year cannot be imported to Ecuador.
In Ecuador, abortion is banned and Homosexual is allowed… The fags are also allowed abortions.
The minimum term for drug trafficking in Ecuador is 8 years.

Ecuador, a brief description of the country from Russian stupids.

Guayaquil airport, the largest city in Ecuador, is recognized as the best airport in South America.
To obtain a resident investor visa, it is enough to put 25 thousand dollars on a Deposit in any Bank of Ecuador.
Ecuador, one of the few countries to recognize the “Passport of a citizen of the world.”


Ecuador, one of the few countries to recognize the "Passport of a citizen of the world."

Ecuador, one of the few countries to recognize the “Passport of a citizen of the world.”

In Ecuador, prostitution and the carrying of firearms are permitted.
The Constitution of Ecuador, together with the penalties provided for in the penal code, allows for the application of Indian “national traditions and customs”. That is, can you eat.
In the event of an accident resulting in serious injury or death, in Ecuador, all participants are taken into custody until the perpetrators are clarified. Right, wrong-to jail.
In Ecuador, the permitted blood alcohol content of drivers of vehicles 0,3 ppm. What it means is up to you, but the police will determine by smell.
When you open a current account in an Ecuadorian Bank, you are unlikely to immediately be given a credit card, but the checkbook will be given necessarily.

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The direction of the movement of motorists of Ecuador is referred to as the turn signals, and hands.
Ecuador, in 1949, after the radio show “War of the worlds”, the audience from the beginning panicked, then in a riot and burned the radio station. In the US, by the way, the same thing happened.
From 1996 to 2006 in Ecuador, there have been nine presidents. All assholes.
One of the national slogans of Ecuador -“Ecuador was, is and will be a country on the Amazon.” There is no Amazon in Ecuador.
Ecuador does not have rail transport. In Ecuador, the most remote from the center of the earth place on earth. Who found out, and what is the meaning – it is not clear.
Sacred concepts for Ecuadorians, in terms of importance, Jesus, Football, Pilsener, Coca-Cola.
Foreign words in Ecuador are pronounced not as they are pronounced in the original, but as they are read in Spanish. Colgate, Under Sportage, Hatches The Stark, Jorge Bush

Map vector Quito, Equador, printable vector street City Plan map, full editable, Adobe illustrator Map for design, print, arts, projects, presentations, for architects, designers and builders

In Ecuador does not happen winter tires and there is no McDonald’s chain.
Finca in Ecuador has nothing to do with the Finns. As in all Spanish – speaking countries -Finca- fenced land ownership, often a free grazing farm.
Metal greenback shows NO Ecuadorian Indian. Still, it comes there portrayed Ecuadorian Indian. First, they are terrible, and secondly – the United States is something to blame…
In Ecuador You will not see the same youthful fun, like swim in the ocean far beyond hesitant, whatever floats. Apparently, everyone who is capable of such a feat, it’s already gone and hasn’t come back.
“Night club” in Ecuador is called a brothel. Not to confuse.
If on the beach of Ecuador, You’ll see a guy in a speedo, it’s most likely either a Homosexual, or Russian, or both.
In Ecuador, there are places where snow is all year round and you can ski. Really, there’s nothing to breathe.
The largest bill in free circulation in Ecuador is twenty bucks. A hundred-dollar bill in Ecuador is called the Russian peso, and is considered an icon. There decided to pray.
In Ecuador, You can see the living of the Indians and the penguins. Indians are everywhere, penguins are only in the zoo.
On the penultimate World Cup team, Ecuador has arrived with its a shaman. The Ecuadorian team did not go to the last World Cup. The shaman had diarrhea.
More than 100,000 officially registered firearms are in the hands of Ecuadorian civilians.
Ecuador has two official languages, Castellano, and Quechua
The word “Indian” in Ecuador is an insulting name — calling. Except when the person you’re talking to is really an Indian.
The ethnic composition of Ecuador is mestizo 65%, Amerindian 25%, Spanish 7%, Blacks 3%. With this, most of the 65% at heart consider themselves Spaniards, only slightly cross-eyed and burnt.
Ecuador has 22 provinces, and Negroes live only in one of them. They just don’t know about the existence of others.
In Ecuador, the highest in both the Americas, the frequency of fixing the flights of UFOs and Russian business. Russian business mainly consists of the sale of real estate and other shit to the arrived compatriots. UFO is materialized Russian delirium tremens hallucinations.
The academic year in Ecuador, in the mountains begins in autumn, and on the coast in spring. Therefore, the resorts have two peaks vacationers (damn them) in summer and winter.
Beer in Ecuador is sold in exchange containers, bottles of 0.6 liters.
Diabetes in Ecuador ranks first in mortality among all diseases. Diabetes affects 10% of the population, another 30% are at risk, with the prospect of acquiring the disease in the next 5 years.
Some places in Ecuador still eat people.
10% of real estate in Spain is bought by Ecuadorian citizens. Why 10% – Ecuador is a very poor country. And Spanish real estate is no longer needed.
Ecuador is the first country in the world to abolish, as much as in 1906, the death penalty, which however does not prevent the local population still, on occasion, burn the villains alive.
In 2003, Ecuador built the largest artificial Christmas tree in the world. Height 92 meters, weight more than 100 tons. The project cost to private companies of 400 thousand dollars. Why this was necessary is unknown.
Somewhere in the forests of Ecuador, you can step on an anti-personnel mine. They are put by cannibals instead of traps.
Cars with hybrid engines are imported to Ecuador duty-free.
In Ecuador, there is no herring and buckwheat.
Zucchini in Ecuador the size of a cucumber and cucumbers the size of a zucchini.
In Ecuador, at the scene of a fatal accident on the pavement drew blue hearts. A little less than a meter in diameter. One for dead. Beautiful custom.
The current President of Ecuador has passed the ritual of initiation into the Supreme Leaders of all the Indian peoples of Ecuador. That does not prevent, from time to time, some smaller leaders to declare him a scoundrel and a scoundrel.
Ecuador has a population of 14 million and a total external debt of 20 percent of GDP.
In Ecuador’s capital, Quito, atmospheric pressure is 25% lower than what is considered normal.
The largest port of Ecuador is NOT on the ocean. It’s a stratagem.
The first human settlements on the territory of today’s Ecuador date back to the X century BC (!) This was, of course, ancient Russians, piled up in Ecuador from the ancient Putin.
Entertainment “let’s go swimming at night in the ocean,” in Ecuador, there is only for drunk Russian.
Refueling with gasoline at a gas station in Ecuador, it is customary to say not how many liters, but how many bucks.
The Incas could not conquer Ecuador for 15 years, so the Supreme Inca stupidly married the daughter of a local leader, and took Ecuador as a dowry.
Ecuadorian construction technologies do not use load-bearing walls, floor slabs or welding. That is built out of shit and dust. Given the earthquakes, that makes sense.
Civilians in Ecuador are prohibited from possessing firearms of a caliber greater than that .38 (9mm) and equip the store with more than ten charges.
In Ecuador prohibited the breeding of dogs of breed the Rottweiler and we do not care.
Russia did not give Ecuador, unlike China, Iran, and the IMF — a stupid woman, and Ecuador did not recognize the independence of Abkhazia and Ossetia.
There are deposits of gold, silver, and emeralds in Ecuador.
The capital of Ecuador is Quito, the financial and business capital is Guayaquil, the cultural capital is Cuenca and the best city to live in is Manta.
In Ecuador, it is considered a good tone when you stop the car to turn on the emergency.
In Ecuador, the live five and a half Russian Gagauzia. Previously lived in Apache, but he was bored and he’s gone to travel.
The prices of socially important food, electricity, water, gas, fuel, and lubricants in Ecuador are controlled by the state.
State. subsidies for household gas in Ecuador reach 80% of its cost.
Ecuador annually buys more than 3 billion dollars of oil products.
In 2009, Ecuador has declared the best country for US pensioners. By whom?… Why… that there are US pensioners are forgotten…
In Ecuador, 2 million Internet users, 120 thousand of them use mobile services to access the network.
Night entertainment activities are limited on Fridays and Saturdays to 4.00, on other days to 2.00 (currently, to 24.00 and 22.00, respectively).
During elections, referendums and another popular will, Ecuador introduced a “dry law”. Usually from Friday noon to Monday noon.