From simple 125 bp constructs to large complex constructs up to 2 Mbp in size, SGI-DNA has the expertise to deliver an error-free clone custom made to meet your requirements. With internal capabilities born out of the J. Craig Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics, Inc., our proprietary error-correction technology and patented Gibson Assembly® method provide us the unique ability to take on your most challenging gene synthesis projects. SGI-DNA routinely synthesizes DNA constructs greater than 100kb. Examples of these large and complex synthesis capabilities include the creation of the 1.1 Mbp Mycoplasma genome and rapid, robust production of synthetic vaccine viruses (Synthetic Genomics Vaccines, Inc.). Laboratories count on us when synthesizing complex sequences such as those with high and low GC content, tandem repeats, homopolymers and palindromes. Our California-based synthetic biology experts are committed to producing DNA clones quickly and economically to save you time and money. Synthesis of a 1.1 Mbp Construct. SGI-DNA’s technology has delivered the largest synthetic construct to date: the 1.1 Mbp Mycoplasma Genome. (Science, 2008 Gibson et al., 319 (5867): 1215-1220) Successful Synthesis of 20 x 22 bp Identical Repeat Construct. We have experience cloning and synthesizing complex sequences such as this error-free 512 bp clone consisting of 20 x 22bp identical repeats. * Prices shown and delivery times shown are for standard complexity projects. Sequences with homopolymeric runs, significant hairpin structures, tandem repeat regions or G/C content may require additional charges. You are invited to request a free quotation for your project. Source.

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