Over 14 years of professional experience as a level designer, 3D modeler, and texture artist. Understanding of the full cycle of game development from beginning to end. Shipped 7 games on various platforms including the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and PSP. *Created training level for internal use for execs and testers to familiarize themselves with the games mechanics before playing the X level. *Worked with artists to ensure the art would fit the game mechanics, environment and that it would not break the game play. *Visited various US military bases, i.e. Camp Guernsey US Army Training Facility to get hands on experience with weapons, equipment, and tactics. *Visited various US military posts, i.e. Fort Bliss, Fort Hood, to get hands on experience with weapons, equipment,and tactics. *Received award from Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Army for my work on America’s Army: Operations. (May 2003) Source.

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