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I am hoping that someone can help me with this – I am having such a hard time! I am currently using Corel Draw x6 – which is supposed to now support open type fonts…. it does give me some options, but not every swash varient or alternate character. I can see them all in Maintype. I need to know how I can get a code to somehow type in – or a way to copy a vector style character to use in Corel when I am designing. Character Map in Windows is too small, Corel will only show he 1/4 of all the glyph options, I have tried to copy the character from main type, but it just copies a jpg, which isn’t useable – even if I adjust the resolution and try and trace it. Ideally It would be nice to print out a character map with some sort of code I can put in corel to get that character to display. I am not even sure what to call the code to look up where to find it – or how I enter it into Corel. For Instance, If I hold down the ‘alt’ key and type ‘143’ on my keypad – I get this: Å (well, usually it shows up as a music note, but for some reason it isn’t now, lol). Anyway, I really would love some help with this. I have spent thousands of dollars of beautiful fonts with different varients – adn I would love to be able to use them easily is software that I am familiar with. I am new to Maintype, so there is a learning curve there too. Thanks in advance for your help. I design words and lettering, so this is really important that I figure something out….any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! In many OpenType fonts (but not in my own free fonts), the OpenType glyphs are not mapped, so there’s no way to use them in applications if they don’t support that particular OpenType feature, other than the bitmap route from MainType, which is far from ideal. If you use my free fonts, or others where the OpenType glyphs are mapped to a character code, then you can copy them from MainType as text. I haven’t used CorelDRAW since version 3, twenty-odd years ago, so I’m hardly in a position to offer first-hand experience, but I found After watching the video, it seems that all of the OpenType features should be available in CorelDraw X6, so it’s just a matter of learning how to access them all. There is no need to copy/paste from MainType at all. Once your text is entered, highlight a character or characters. There will be a downward arrow below the text. Please note if you highlight the enter text string that the downward arrow is darn difficult to see and use. But then, I only change some characters. I think this is a flaw in how CD implements the feature. You can also highlight a single character, open the Insert Symbol panel, set it to All characters and select the desired character. thanks for your help. I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible to access unmapped glyphs in corel. Or at least that is what they tell me. I paid for upgraded tech support, and no one can tell me how to do this. Perhaps they dn’t understand what I am saying – but it isn’t hard. I have tons of fonts that have ALL KINDS of glyphs that no matter how I try, I can’t get them displayed in Corel. I can see them in Main Type, I downloaded a trial of Illustrator – I can get to them there..but not in Corel. So sad – because I am a font nerd – and really would love to be able to access those characters in a program that i know how to use! Source.

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