Canadian Crime Maps

US crime mapping website had added two Canadian cities to its coverage. The site now has Google Maps showing crimes in Brandon, MB and Ottawa, ON. This article can also be useful – Quebec, Canada, Free Printable Map in Adobe Illustrator and PDF. Level 12 (5000 meter scale) map, G-VIEW, fully editable, in in vector format.

In both cities geo-tags Sex Offenses, Theft, Traffic, Theft from Vehicle, Theft of Vehicle and Property Crime. It is possible to search the map by location and by date. Search results are then displayed by catagorised map markers and also shown in the map sidebar.

Via: Mapperz


SpotCrime provide crime maps for 130 US cities and also for ten Canadian cities. The Canadian cities are Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Winnipeg, Toronto and Vancouver.

SpotCrime also allows you to search for crime by date and location. By adding the crime id’s of individual crimes to SpotCrime’s url (with comma separation) you can also create your own map featuring only the crimes you have selected.


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