Beginning ArcGIS Desktop Development Using .NET – Amirian Pouria – Wiley & Sons – Libro Tedesco – Libreria Universitaria – 9781118442548

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Scrivi una nuova recensione su Beginning ArcGIS Desktop Development Using .NET e condividi la tua opinione con altri utenti. 16Get the very most out of the ArcGIS family of software productsArcGIS software manipulates, processes, and presents geospatial data. With it, you can create maps, use them in a variety of applications, compile geographic data, and more. Now you can tailor this powerful tool to your own development needs using VB.NET and C sharp and the solid guidance in this practical Wrox guide. You’ll get up to speed on ArcGIS tools and artifacts, explore best practices from real-world examples, and learn to program in ArcGIS. The book includes fully functional code and guides you all the way through, from development to deployment.Gets programmers up and running on ArcGIS, a family of software products for creating maps and handling geographic dataShows how to customize and build commands, tools, and extensions using ArcGIS APIs and VB.NET, C sharp, and JavaCovers ArcGIS development through deploymentTopics include object orientation and UML, programming in .NET accessing maps and layers,16data management, and moreLearn how to customize your data and improve your productivity with this powerful tool and Beginning ArcGIS Desktop Development Using .Net.04INTRODUCTION xxiPART I: THE BASICSCHAPTER 1: WHY GEOSPATIAL IS SPECIAL 3A Tour of Geospatial Data 4Why Geospatial Is Special 8Various Kinds of GIS Software 10Server GIS 11Desktop GIS 13Developer GIS 17Mobile GIS 18Geospatial Data Models and Storage 19Raster 19Vector 20Geospatial Data as Text or Binary File 20Geospatial Data in Georelational Models 21Geospatial Data Inside Spatial DBMS 21Geospatial Data in XML Structures 23Esri Geodatabase 30Personal Geodatabase 30File Geodatabase 30ArcSDE Geodatabase 31Summary 32CHAPTER 2: INTRODUCTION TO ARCGIS FOR DESKTOP APPLICATIONS CUSTOMIZATION 35Four Ways to Customize ArcGIS for Desktop 36Customizing the User Interface 37Scripting 41Desktop Add-Ins 48ArcObjects SDK 55Summary 59PART II: .NET PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALSCHAPTER 3: .NET PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS, PART I 63The .NET Framework 63The Csharp Language 64A Brief History of Csharp 64Basic Concepts 65Variables and Data Types 66Nullable Data Types 71Opera04tions on Variables 71Arrays 75Decision-Making 76Iteration 78Object Manipulation 81Data Type Conversion 83Enumerations 85Methods 89Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Csharp 93Object-Oriented Programming in Action 94Defi ning Properties 96Defi ning Methods 98Defi ning Constructors 98Summary 100CHAPTER 4: .NET PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS, PART II 103Overview of Object-Oriented Programming Concepts 104Abstraction 104Encapsulation 104Inheritance 105Polymorphism 106Reference Types and Value Types 108Assignment Operations 108Comparison Operations 109Passing Parameters between Method Calls 109Brief Explanation of All .NET Types 111Namespaces and Assemblies 112Debugging Using Visual Studio 113Structured Exception Handling 117Casting Objects 120Aggregation Using Collections 121The ArrayList 122Generics 123Reading and Writing Files 123Summary 135PART III: ARCOBJECTS PROGRAMMINGCHAPTER 5: UNDERSTANDING ARCOBJECTS OBJECT MODEL DIAGRAMS 139What Is Ar04cObjects? 140Interface-Based Programming in Brief 140Understanding Object Model Diagrams 144Types of Classes in ArcObjects 145Relationships between Classes 147Members of Interfaces 149Interface Inheritance 151Wormhole 153Additional Tips for Using Object Model Diagrams 153Where to Start with ArcObjects 155How to Find an Associated Member 156Summary 163CHAPTER 6: ACCESSING MAPS AND LAYERS 165 Questo sito utilizza i cookie di profilazione, anche di terze parti, per garantire una migliore esperienza di navigazione. Proseguendo accetti l’utilizzo dei cookie. Source.

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