You can use the QuickProject tool to create a ready-to-use data capture project. QuickProject enables you to take ArcPad into the field, with or without preexisting data, and quickly start capturing data into new shapefiles. When you choose New QuickProject, with only two screen taps you can create ArcPad map, point, polyline, and polygon shapefiles with custom input forms and editable category values that can then be changed dynamically in the field. In addition, a collection of ArcPad templates is available as a starting point for creating your own ArcPad project. The templates highlight specific applications of ArcPad technology to solve industry problems. These templates vary from tools to applets to forms, all of which illustrate the practical benefits of ArcPad. ArcPad users are able to customize ArcPad and build focused applications using ArcPad Studio. Developers can build focused applications within the desktop environment and deploy them on Windows-based mobile devices. Both products are positioned as Esri solutions for mobile GIS. They are designed to boost mobile productivity and are used to support professionals with their field efforts. ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is a task-driven GIS application for Windows Mobile and Windows tablet devices. It is designed for non-GIS professionals in medium to large organizations that typically perform simple data collection and field inspection projects. ArcGIS for Windows Mobile provides central management, configuration, and deployment of apps and projects. GIS information can be synchronized from both server and desktop clients. A .NET software development kit (SDK) is also available for building customized applications. ArcPad is a map-centric, Windows-based mapping and field data collection application designed for GIS-trained professionals in small- to medium-sized workgroups who typically perform ad-hoc data collection. It includes advanced GIS/GPS editing functionality to facilitate post processing and also supports related tables. ArcPad projects can be customized using scripts and applets available in ArcPad Studio. ArcPad Studio is the desktop customization application included with the latest version of ArcPad software, ArcPad 10.2. All customization for ArcPad is performed on the desktop, primarily using ArcPad Studio, and deployed with ArcPad on the mobile device. ArcPad Studio gives users the tools to customize ArcPad but is not required to utilize a customized version of ArcPad. With the purchase of ArcPad 10.2, one year of maintenance is included. Additional maintenance can be purchased for successive years. Software maintenance combines technical support services along with software upgrades. The customization files (applets, extensions, default configurations, and layer definition files) can be deployed to any ArcPad user. No special ArcPad runtime is required. Simply copy the customization files to the appropriate folders on the end user’s mobile device. More advanced installations can be created if necessary. ArcScripts has numerous templates and scripts that have been created for ArcPad. These range from adding additional functionality to streamlining processes. Using the ArcPad Data Manager extension for ArcGIS for Desktop included with ArcGIS for Desktop (Basic, Standard, and Advanced editions), you can check out feature classes including relationships from a multiuser or personal/file geodatabase for use in ArcPad. Using these same tools, data and any changes can be checked back in to the geodatabase. ArcPad does not require a GPS. Creating features can be accomplished with a tap on a map. A GPS is recommended for more accurate location information. Esri does not publish a list of supported GPS receivers for ArcPad. However, ArcPad supports the following protocols for communicating with GPS receivers: ArcPad is software that is designed to run on mobile devices in much the same way as traditional desktop software. Using ArcPad, you can save and store data on the device’s internal memory or removable storage. If a wireless connection is available, ArcPad can take advantage of built-in tools for accessing data. Esri does not publish a list of supported range finders for ArcPad. However, ArcPad supports the following range finder protocols: ArcPad includes drivers for the following connected digital cameras (support for additional connected cameras can be provided via custom camera modules): The ArcPad user interface is available in a number of languages. Localized versions of ArcPad are currently available for the following languages: Source.

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