Vector Map Navigation by Continents

The better you explain to us your wishes about the maps, the more sensible will be our response to prices))) Be sure to include the final map format, for example, “for printing in the format of 14 X 17 inches”, or something similar.
Either, for example, you need an interactive map for your site or business applications with dynamic objects on it, etc. It is important to understand what will be the end-use of the maps and in which format.

Further reading is not required))))
There are some subtleties:
1. By its nature, our maps – Mercator projection of geographic GPS data, and each object in the source file has the exact coordinates in latitude and longitude.
2. Not all the cities have accurate geographic data for all buildings.
For example, hand-drawing of all buildings on the map one city (for example – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) took a few months, according to satellite imagery.
3. Not all the countries and cities have sufficient data.
4. There is a problem with names in complex languages – Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese, because the English-language versions of the data are not always available and we have troubles to correctly edit the text data.
5. A few more complicated is the case with Java Script interactive maps, a simple example can be found on this page: simple interactive map navigation This type of maps used the JVectormap or Mapael platforms.
In fact, these interactive maps can include a plurality of different data, and the creation of these maps may require significant costs in time and resources, so that the price is formed individually.
6. On the basis of an entire geographic data navigation, or information system is powered on a lot of data can be built with dynamic objects, such, for example, we are developing for the police in the Dominican Republic. Usually this feature in science fiction movies about the society of total control. It is very expensive.
7. And of course, there are technical and navigational maps for Garmin GPS, navigation devices, and the like, and packaged applications for different platforms – Android, Windows and other, examples can be seen here: navigation application for Android, Windows, Garmin

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