Some users have problems with payment by bank cards

It’s very simple, the purchase is made in 3 steps.
You do not need to have a PayPal Account!
All payments on the site are made through a reliable and secure PayPal checkout.
Any cards of any bank in any currency are served.

Step 1.  Select the map you need and go to the page with the map.

Click on the button “Buy Map Now”,  the Checkout page will open.
Please, be sure to read the description before buying and see the previews (images).

step_to_buy_1Step 2. On the Checkout window:

Just fill the form (email and other fields) and click the button “Proceed to PayPal”.
The PayPal window will open.


Step 3. Payment by any bank card window:

Fill the form (name, number of your bank card and CCV) and push button “Agree & Pay”
Note: all transactions are FULLY secured by PayPal, your private data do not store on the site.
Immediately after payment, the system will redirect you to the map archive download page.
Additionally, an email with a link to download the archive of the map will be sent to the email you specified.


Immediately after payment, you will be redirected to the archive download page.
Additionally: a notification and a link to download the archive will be sent to your email.

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