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I’m looking for a software or any online services through which I could design maps by colouring, drawing/redrawing, texting etc, and then I could export/save them. Are there any such tools available? is also expensive, and further requires the expensive Adobe Illustrator as a separate purchase. Still, it is probably the best tool overall for making maps that are beautiful and functional. It would be easier to learn than ArcGIS for someone who already knows Illustrator. is free and comparable to ArcGIS. It may be easier to learn. It’s probably the best option for someone who isn’t a professional cartographer. In some cases it may be the best option for someone who is. For best quality, you could export a map in .ai or .svg format from ArcGIS or QGIS to Inkscape or Illustrator for further work. Modern maps are both scientific charts and works of art and design. GIS software does the science part better, illustration software handles the art part better. is a great source for making small-scale maps, like of a state, country, continent, or the world. QGIS has a plugin to access data from the OpenStreetMap, generally a good source. The USGS has free data for the US at Most of the stuff I’ve mentioned takes time, and sometimes money, to learn and use. The more you invest into learning cartography, the better your maps will look. The best mapping software I’m aware of is OCAD, it’s meant for orienteering map but can be used for any mapping project. But it’s expensive. Cartography: This map is a pretty good start, but still has some problems. What would a better global subway/metro system look like? Between 1939 and 1941 he came in for a lot of abuse from the America’s isolationists who opposed intervention against Hitler. One in particular was Charles Lindbergh, a hero aviator turned Nazi sympathizer. In one infamous … But I do know about more than 45,000 Sanders supporters who have pledged to write Bernie’s name on the ballot if Clinton wins. I’m one of them who has taken the Bernie or Bust pledge. We will certainly show up and we will vote for all the down-ballot seats and issues, but we will never ev… Job Interview Questions: In a job interview, is your answer to ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’ a perfect humble brag opportunity? I’ve asked this question countless times and based on the other answers here I’m pretty confident we all cringe when we hear the following answers: Please… don’t. Just stop. This is like saying ‘I wish for world peace’ during a beauty pageant interview. You think you’re clever by turning the question int… Source.

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