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Vision Exploration utilizes an ever-expanding array of software tools in its exploration and consulting efforts. This enables the company to provide services usually offered by much larger independents, and to explore much more efficiently than its peers. Our presentations are also unique and well-received, and we are one of the few independent oil and gas companies that built and maintains its own website, completely in-house. Every drilling proposal (‘prospect’) needs both ‘steak’ (technical merit) and ‘sizzle’ (visual appeal), we take pride in balancing good, technically-sound proposals with good presentation graphics. , an extremely powerful graphics software package that, while not designed specifically for the oil & gas industry, allows us to produce technically accurate visually compelling exhibits that stand out from the ‘crowd’. That being said, we can also interface quickly and easily with most clients’ mapping software, regardless of their software platform, and our familiarity with website design allows us to develop and distribute full-featured, web-based oil & gas presentations. Source.

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