Vector Maps: Transit Maps: Submission – Official Map: Delhi Metro, India, 2020

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Submitted by Chinmay Kunkikar, who simply asks for a review of this map (which is probably long overdue – Cam).

Transit Maps says:

While many modern transit maps bear some sort of debt to Harry Beck’s pioneering London Underground diagram, most of them don’t wear their influences quite as openly as the Delhi Metro map. Not content with using almost identical iconography, it even uses Johnston Sans for its English language labels.

However, it’s certainly not as accomplished as its famous forebear and feels quite clumsy in its execution. The central part is very cramped and there’s quite a few non-standard angles used throughout. In a way, it feels like new lines have simply been tacked onto the map as they’ve opened, without any thought as to how the map works as a unified whole. Why is the grey Line 9 so thick, and why is Dwarka’s label so big? The light green background makes the yellow Line 2 pretty hard work to read.

A fault it shares with the Tube Map is the lack of identifiers for the lines on the actual map: their colour is the only way to tell them apart – which, quite simply, isn’t good enough. With 12 lines to show, there really have to be numbered bullets at each end of every line to help people unfamiliar with the system find their way around.

Our final word: Apes the design style of the Tube Map, but to considerably less effect. Feels unoriginal and half-hearted. Two stars. See Jug Cerovic’s unofficial INAT map for a far more confident approach.

Source: Official Delhi Metro website

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