UWF GIS Online Blog: Student Spotlight – Cartographic Skills, 4/6/15-4/17/15

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Lucas is originally from Wisconsin, but currently lives in Nebraska. He works for the Bureau of Reclamation as a Natural Resource Specialist were his job duties primarily involve land management of the Federal Estate in both Nebraska and Kansas (Permits, trespass resolution, agricultural land classification, etc.) In addition to that, Lucas also works a few days a month as a Geospatial-Intelligence Analyst in the Air Force Reserves. While this position has given him a basic understanding of GIS, the exposure to civilian software such as ArcGIS is a new topic. Away from the Bureau and Air Force Reserves, Lucas is a proud dad to 4 children, ages, 4,3,2, and a newborn. Whew ~ Lucas, you are one busy guy!! Welcome to the spotlight and congratulations on being the best of best this week. You rock!! Module 9 required students to undertake Flow Line Mapping. Flow maps utilize lines of varying width to depict the movement of phenomena between geographic locations. Students utilized Corel draw to create a distributive flow map to illustrate global immigration figures into the United States. Lab materials provided base maps produced in ArcMap, and left students with the task of rearranging continents and creating proportional flow lines and corresponding legends in accordance with design principles. Lucas stood out as a spotlight due to the originality in his work. He demonstrated proficiency with graphic design software CorelDraw by fully utilizing the software capabilities to leverage the geographic content of his map. You may already notice the difference in his map–he strayed from the conventional globe layout, moving far Eastern continents to the left side of the map page to allow preferred placement of the flow lines. To clarify the augmentation, two ellipses were placed beneath the continents. Lucas also did an excellent job creating smooth, curving, proportional lines without concealing any geographic information. The color schemes chosen and drop shadow implemented work to promote figure ground distinction and establish proper visual hierarchy. Nice job Lucas! Source.

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