Using Vector maps in the displacement function of objects

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I am trying to displace a low poly object with the vector map made from a high poly version of the same object that was subdivided and sculpted. I plugged a Image map shader (with the vector map) into a vector node, and that into the object parts displacement function. I set the Image map shader to use object UVs. I guess I have to scale the vector or the image map to the size of the object? Anyway, its not working right yet. I did get a response, and there is a displacement that is happening, but I can’t tell what it is. Its not what I set out to do. I think this should work, but not sure how to do it. I would have thought that the map and vector would auto scale to fit the object, just not sure here. I wouldn’t think that would work very nicely, as you’ll probably explode the few polys of the lopoly object. Unless you an use it on the cube, sphere, e.g. The maps are made in a topdown way, so I guess UV won’t do it any good. I am not very confident in your experiment, Michael, but it’s an intriguing venture. OK, after talking with J it looks like this does work. But once you get it working, then there is still the lighting issue. Source.

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