Gene Construction Kit provides many different ways for you to annotate your construct’s appearance and mark important features. You can quit now, or continue on to Tutorial 6: Cloning a DNA Segment and Silent Mutations. If you plan on continuing, you can leave the file you just created, construct#5 , open. If not, close this file. 1. A frame can be selected by option-clicking (on the Mac) on the frame or by choosing Construct &gt, Select Frame and then clicking on the frame you want to select. For those of you who are “quick-fingered” you can also select a frame by triple-clicking on the DNA contained within a frame. 2. Note that you could accomplish the same result by clicking on a single site marker and then holding down the shift key and clicking on every other site marker except the BamHI site. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: &lt,a href=” title=”&gt, &lt,abbr title=”&gt, &lt,acronym title=”&gt, &lt,b&gt, &lt,blockquote cite=”&gt, &lt,cite&gt, &lt,code&gt, &lt,del datetime=”&gt, &lt,em&gt, &lt,i&gt, &lt,q cite=”&gt, &lt,strike&gt, &lt,strong&gt, Source.

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