BCG assumes no responsibility for any trademark or copyright dispute. BCG assumes clients have obtained permission to reproduce logos or trademarks used. BCG reserves the right to use all products in our advertising and displays unless otherwise specified in writing at the time of order. All items in this catalogue are for photography purposes only and are not for resale. Trademarks shown on said items are not the trademarks of BCG. All prices are subject to change according to fluctuating conversion and interest rates, final pricing will be that listed on the website. ARTWORK: Must be supplied in electronic vector format (Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw) with all text and lines converted to outlines, or a fee of $130.00 (a) per hour will be charged. Virtual proofs at no cost if vector artwork is supplied BCG is not responsible for any misspelling or incorrect artwork in finished product if the proof has been approved by client. PRICES: All prices are FOB Canada, New York or California (depending on shipping address) Final pricing is the BCG website which is updated on a monthly basis according to market conditions, in case of discrepancy the website is always correct. TERMS: All new accounts are required to pay 100% on order by credit card (mastercard or visa), or by cheque. Orders will not be started until payment is received. Please note BCG is not responsible for international banking fees incurred by credit card payments. BCG reserves the right to change terms for clients with outstanding overdue balances. SPECIAL ORDERS: All quantities not listed in the catalogue must be quoted on an individual basis. All rush orders must be approved by the factory and are subject to a rush fee. SIZING: Please note that all sizing of products for pricing purposes is based on the largest dimension or greatest area. Founded in 1981 by Bill Miller, BCG Creations has become a leader in metal casting and manufacturing of promotional products. With 34 years of experience behind us, we can assure our clients not only expertise, but excellent quality, competitive pricing and delivery times faster than all of our competitors. When you call BCG you will be speaking directly to the owners, Sharon and Bill, not sales reps or associates who have no stake in the business. We will work with you from start to finish, ensuring your custom lapel pins, keychains, medals, dogtags, belt buckles, lanyards, ornaments and assorted promotional products are done to your satisfaction and delivered on time. At BCG, we strive to make our distributors look good to their clients, we will jump through hoops to make our distributors happy. Canadian orders are shipped from Montreal while American orders are shipped from New York, so our American clients do not have any custom or duty issues to deal with. There is no need to search further once you’ve discovered the best! At BCG, our reputation and years in business speak for themselves. Source.

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