In Corel, I can make a change to an object then click on another similar object and use ‘Ctrl + R’ and it will duplicate the change in the new object. How can I do this with Inkscape? Inkscape doesn’t provide such command. Instead (but it may not fit your needs), you have some selective paste options: 1. Edit &gt, Paste style (Shift+Ctrl+V). 2. Edit &gt, Paste size. 3. Path &gt, Paste Path effect (Ctrl+7). Thank you for your response to my question. If I may suggest, this option in Corel draw is very helpful when working in graphics where you might have a number of changes to make. As a suggestion, changing the colour of various objects but not all, you simply change the fill in one object, then you select the next object and using the ‘ctrl + r’ you make the change. This is very helpful. However, thank you. Inkscape also has a clone tool… You create an object and then create a clone (or many clones) and any change made to the original will also be made to all the clones. So you might be able to get the same time saving effect by working in a slightly different way. I do a lot of map making for campgrounds. Sometimes the client wants a change in the lines or lot colours changed, etc. To go back into the graphic and make one change is easy but I might have up to a hundred changes to make. With Corel Draw, this only means making one change and then highlighting the others to be changed and using the ‘Ctrl-R’ i can quickly make the changes required. Usually this is needed only to change fill colours, line widths, line colours, etc. The ‘clone’ option can’t do this. I know that it works while your doing new objects but not on existing objects. This has been reported several times as feature request, see for example this related bug report: Bug #171673 in Inkscape: “Repeating the last action”: &lt,, Thank you for the attention to the question asked. I realize now that the program does not have the same function and I can live with that. Inkscape has a lot of things that Corel doesn’t. Thank you for the program and thank you for your help. Source.

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