I solve business problems with data.I have 4 years Python experience and have 9 months consulting experience, providing data analysis and visualisations. My skills include statistical data analysis, Freelancing IT guy. I am proficient with building software and apps, GIS work, websites, web programming, video editing and effects, graphic design, illustration, 3D design and fabrication, aerial map . Presentation-quality maps, data compilation, processing and analysis, 3d modeling and visualization, lidar, python scripting, remote sensing. I am a GIS professional with a BS degree and working toward my Masters Degree in GIS. Having me education and over five years work experience in the GIS field to accompany it. I have fluent in the ESR I have a PhD in spatio-temporal modelling and I have been working in the last 10 years making different environmental, health and economic projects. I am also a programmer so I can do very large analy Hi there. My name is Silvana, I am an ambiental engineer and I have experience in natural resources, their analysis, conservation and utilization.I am also qualified to use GIS Software (like Web GIS customization & development using:ArcGIS Server, MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, etc.Technology tools we have worked on:ASP.NET/C#InfragisticsSilverlightWCF/WPFJavaPHPEnterprise Geospatial D my services will include internet research and data entry using excel and analysis as well. i am also providing simple map development using GIS and Provide GIS services including spatial analysis, cartography, database design, modeling and process development. Also specialized in remote sensing including unsupervised and supervised classification Creating and editing maps about everything. City maps, touristic maps. educational maps, artistic maps etc. Geographic Information Analysis, Geomarketing, Spatial Analytics, Geodatabases. I am A social Scientist with a strong background in Technology, data analysis and organization, translation and number management. I am fluent in both English and Spanish.I know how to use many differ We are a GeoSpatial Service Provider using Open Source Technologies. We are a mapping and location based services company. Our core strength lies in developing mapping and location based applications Rural Nebraska consultant that can work for you to conduct spatial analysis for your farm, utility, or other natural resource issue. Recently I have created specialized ArcPad apps and custom tools fo I am a data analyst and survey programmer with skills in data collection and analysis. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Statistics (with Information Technology). I have worked for the last three years Source.

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