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The “url” query parameter is here to help the print servlet to know what URL is used by the browser to access the servlet. This parameter is here because the servlet can be behind a proxy, hiding the real URL. The location to show on the map can be specified with a center and a scale as show or with a bbox like that: The geodetic parameter can be set to true so the scale of geodetic layers can correctly be calculated. Certain projections (Google and Latlong for example) are based on a spheroid and therefore require geodetic: true in order to correctly calculate the scale. If the geodetic parameter is not present it will be assumed to be false. The outputFilename parameter is optional and if omitted the values used in the server’s configuration will be used instead. If it is present it will be the name of the downloaded file. The suffix will be added if not left off in the parameter. The date can be substituted into the filename as well if desired. See configuration’s outputFilename for more information and examples The outputFormat parameter is optional and if omitted the value ‘pdf’ will be used. Only the formats returned in the info are permitted. There are two locations where custom parameters can be added. Those will be ignored by the web service but, will be accessible from the layout templates. For the format of the layers section, please look at the implementations pointed by mapfish.PrintProtocol.SUPPORTED_TYPES. Returns the PDF. Can be called only during a limited time since the server side temporary file is deleted afterwards. Two possible mode, standard or simple, the simple mode imply that all the topLeftCorner are identical. Support for the protocol talking direclty to a web-accessible ka-Map cache generated by the precache2.php script. Source.

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