Fireworks MX Fundamentals is an insider’s look at the bet practices for using and integrating Fireworks MX effectively and efficiently. Get advice from an expert Fireworks user, Abigail Rudner who is a 17 year graphics veteran and has been using Fireworks since its inception. Fireworks is becoming much more important to web professionals because it is now being packaged along with Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver UltraDev, which makes it much easier to use with the web. Fireworks MX Fundamentals has real-world examples supplied by step-by-step tutorials to build useful sites. Abigail Rudner is a dynamic educator and artist. She is PrincipleVisual Designer and Creative Director of her little company, BIG FUN Designs, inOakland, California. With a wealth of knowledge in marketing, advertising, interactive digitalmedia design, and production, Abigail and her team of experts have produced anamazing array of content for a wide range of interactive, animated, web, andprint design projects since 1990. BIG FUN clients include PeopleSoft,Levi’s, Wells Fargo, Dow Jones, America Online, Absolut Vodka, The SYDAFoundation, Amgen, Apple Computers, Microsoft, and Radius. Abigail’sillustration has been published in FAD and Publish magazines. An early adopter of digital design tools, Abigail has been teaching webdesign, web graphics, illustration, and photo illustration courses with love andenthusiasm across the USA since 1991. Using a synthesis of design methodology,visual thinking, and computer-graphics tools and techniques, Abigail inspiresand teaches students how to design and produce with purpose. Abigail is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, with a BFA inCommunication Design and Photography. She is a five-year Associate Designveteran (1984-89) of Campbells’ Soup International, where she was one ofthree junior designers chosen to spearhead Campbells’ conversion toelectronic design in 1987. She is a certified trainer (through CompTIA International) in the following:Macromedia Certified in Flash, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver, and an AdobeCertified Product Expert for Photoshop 6. Abigail’s dream is to work with young people in a museum setting with corporate dollars, building an international interactive young people’s creative forum on the web. Got any ideas or want to participate creatively or financially? Check out Abigail’s web site at or e-mail her at Source. Here you can find a full bse of Vector Maps of England in Adobe Illustrator.”

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