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A system error has occurred and your request did not complete.Please click here to reset this page and try again. Digital Juice – The leader in royalty free graphics, animations, stock footage and music fo video editing, print & graphic design, presentations and multimedia design So you don’t have Adobe Illustrator installed but you still want to tweak the vector graphics of Motion Designer’s Toolkit? This tutorial will show you how it can be done in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. good tutorial, but cant you do the stuff you did in photoshop in after effects, since its mainly manipulating masks and vectors? Great info. I did not have either Illustrator or After Effects, so I picked up Illustrator for about 1/2 the price of After Effects and can’t wait till it arrives on Tuesday. Thanks for the short cuts they’ll make my editing easier. Only negative is may be slowing down the rodent as it’s out of focus for a sec. then in. It is just a bit distracting. Another great job, Kevin, and I especially appreciate how you gave some attention to the version differences in PS and AE. Learning how to tweak the MDT elements helps increase thir usefulness. I’m still struggling with how/where to use the elements in the first place, apart from highlighting in ads and announcements. I hope your training will fill in that gap. I appreciate the options you guys give in how to use the Juicer’s output in various software, for those of us who cannot afford them all! Thanks, keep the creativity coming! Warwick, Australia Good lesson. I enjoyed the dismantling of the project, especially through PS. One thing that would help me some more would be to see how you would use the finished dismantled pieces. Thank for the tutorials, I look for them every day. Good stuff here, Kevin. I really enjoy seeing alternative methods. Often times it helps break through a bottleneck or inspire a new way of thinking. Keep ’em coming! Source.

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