Imagine the relaxed, peaceful and inspirational look and feel you would be able to create with these high-quality photoshop custom fish shapes. Use them to make well-designed graphics and websites related to the oceans, seas, and rivers. Download these beautiful flower shapes for free. The CSH file includes 10 flowers including rose shape, daisy shape and other wild flowers. This nature inspired shapes are great for scrapbook designs. In this collection of Photoshop Custom Shapes (CSH) are included the PNGs for other programs. Enjoy these free for Personal Use. This is a Vector set of natural, realistic trees silhouettes. All the tree shapes are with leafs so no dead trees in this pack. The tree shapes are saved in a CSH file so you can use them in Photoshop also. All that tree silhouette are ready to use in your amazing nature inspired designs, creating eye catching graphics, print design, motion graphics, 3d rendering. b-cars, flayers, posters. Most of silhouettes unique and hand drawn! Available for personal & commercial use. My vector clip art silhouettes better to edit with Adobe Illustrator CS or Adobe Photoshop CS. Other Graphics Software (Such as Corel Draw or Freehand) can be used for editing my files, but I can’t guarantee that everything will be 100% correct. This nice vector flourish illustration was made by mixing unique shapes, curves, flowers. The origins of flower’s design came from antiquity. Foundations of floral ornament are in attempt to express the beauty of nature. Nowadays floral ornaments are still famous. I myself prefer to use Adobe Illustrator, but you always can use your favorite graphic programs for editing vector files, for example, Corel Draw, PMView, Xara, Macromedia Freehand, Ventua Publisher. Free vector floral ornaments. This nice vector flourish illustration was draw by mixing elegant lines, leaves, swirls. The origins of flower’s design started in ancient times. Foundations of floral ornament are in desire to express the beauty of Mother Nature. Nowadays the popularity of floral designs still high. It is so elementary to edit any vector illustration: remove elements, add other elements, recolor, rotate, resize. Vector illustrations can be edited in different drawing program, for example: Xara, Macromedia Freehand, Ventua Publisher, Corel Draw, PMView, and sure Any Adobe Software Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator etc. can be used to open and edit vectors. As for me, I prefer to use Adobe Illustrator! The Dandelion Flower Silhouette is in fact a PSD file that contains a number of vector shapes which are gathered in a form of a dandelion flower with flying seeds. Inside the PSD file you will find the flower silhouette made by smart objects. Inside the smart objects you will find the actual custom shape. You can put together all the shapes and make a new flower shape but it will take you a while. So it is better to use it as it is, it still is a vector flower so you have all the advantages of vector based shapes. You can use it to create nature inspired backgrounds, wallpapers and so on. One more pack of vector flowers. Today it is natural like flowers, a lot of roses silhouettes, surfing flowers and other flower’s shapes. Excellent tool for creating floral Illustrations, seamless floral patterns and backgrounds, borders decoration, floristic frames… A real support in your creative arsenal. Set include vector version (Adobe Illustrator 8 ver) for easy use in your favorite vector editing application + csh for Adobe Photoshop CS. You can use my best clipart images for Microsoft or Apple systems, Powerpoint, Microsoft Office projects including business presentations, desktop publishing, web pages, greeting cards, email, posters, promotional items, t-shirts, sign-making, print-making and more! Download free vector flowers from mirror – MediaFire Free floral clip art. This awesome vector flourish ornament was created by mixing unique swirls, leaves, lines. The origins of flourish ornaments came from the old days. Foundations of floral ornament are in desire to express the beauty of nature. These days floral ornaments are still popular. It is so simple to modify any vector image: rotate, add other elements, change color, resize, remove elements. Vector images can be edited in various drawing program, for example: PMView, Corel Draw, Xara, Flash, Quark, and of course Any Adobe Software Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop etc. can be used to open and edit vectors. As for me, I prefer to use Illustrator CS3! Sometimes there are many things or points that you want to communicate to the end user which can be done more accurately with graphics other than words. essentially, everyone appreciates engaging , eye-catching and attractive pictures. With an opportunity to use my graphics freebies, you can create smashing artwork that will certainly attract new clients. Source.

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