MEM09202A – Produce freehand sketches Competency Mapping Template

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This unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required to complete freehand sketches to illustrate or communicate information to be used in engineering drafting applications. It covers standard drawing conventions and techniques to represent the subject in appropriate proportion and view. This unit is suitable for those working within a computer-aided design (CAD) or drafting work environment. Sketches may be used as part of the drafting process to illustrate or communicate information about design, worksite, layout plan or construction features. The unit includes the ability to apply standard drawing conventions to sketching 2-D orthogonal and pictorial freehand drawings and sectional views. List the assessment methods to be used and the context and resources required for assessment. Copy and paste the relevant sections from the evidence guide below and then re-write these in plain English. The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria required skills and knowledge range statement and the Assessment Guidelines for the Training Package. A person who demonstrates competency in this unit must be able to produce freehand sketches to communicate or illustrate subject for further drafting work. Assessors must be satisfied that the candidate can competently and consistently perform all elements of the unit as specified by the criteria, including required knowledge, and be capable of applying the competency in new and different situations and contexts. This unit may be assessed on the job, off the job or a combination of both on and off the job. Where assessment occurs off the job, that is the candidate is not in productive work, then an appropriate simulation must be used where the range of conditions reflects realistic workplace situations. The competencies covered by this unit would be demonstrated by an individual working alone or as part of a team. Where applicable, reasonable adjustment must be made to work environments and training situations to accommodate ethnicity, age, gender, demographics and disability. Access must be provided to appropriate learning and/or assessment support when required. Where applicable, physical resources should include equipment modified for people with disabilities. This unit could be assessed in conjunction with any other units addressing the safety, quality, communication, materials handling, recording and reporting associated with drafting or other units requiring the exercise of the skills and knowledge covered by this unit. Assessors should gather a range of evidence that is valid, sufficient, current and authentic. Evidence can be gathered through a variety of ways, including direct observation, supervisor’s reports, project work, samples and questioning. Questioning techniques should not require language, literacy and numeracy skills beyond those required in this unit of competency. The candidate must have access to all tools, equipment, materials and documentation required. The candidate must be permitted to refer to any relevant workplace procedures, product and manufacturing specifications, codes, standards, manuals and reference materials. List each assessment task’s title, type (eg project, observation/demonstration, essay, assignment, checklist) and due date here Copy and paste from the following data to produce each assessment task. Write these in plain English and spell out how, when and where the task is to be carried out, under what conditions, and what resources are needed. Include guidelines about how well the candidate has to perform a task for it to be judged satisfactory. applying freehand drawing techniques and conventions in the production of sketches in pictorial, orthographic and sectional views Copy and paste from the following performance criteria to create an observation checklist for each task. When you have finished writing your assessment tool every one of these must have been addressed, preferably several times in a variety of contexts. To ensure this occurs download the for the unit, enter each assessment task as a column header and place check marks against each performance criteria that task addresses. Tasks to be observed according to workplace/college/TAFE policy and procedures, relevant legislation and Codes of Practice Source.

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