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gmtdefaults lists the GMT parameter defaults if the option -D is used. To change some of the settings, use any texteditor to edit the file .gmtdefaults in your home or current directory. If you do not have this file in your home or current directory, run gmtdefaults -D &gt, ~/.gmtdefaults to get the system settings. GMT can provide default values in US or SI units. This choice is determined by the contents of the gmt.conf file in GMT’s share directory.’ The following is a list of the 58 parameters that are user-definable in GMT. The parameter names are always given in UPPER CASE. The parameter values are case-insensitive unless otherwise noted. The system defaults are given in brackets [ ]. Those marked * can be set on the command line as well (the corresponding option is given in parentheses). Note that default distances and lengths below are given in both cm or inch, the chosen default depends on your choice of default unit (see MEASURE_UNIT). You can explicitly specify the unit used for distances and lengths by appending c (cm), i (inch), m (meter), or p {points). When no unit is indicated the value will be assumed to be in the unit set by MEASURE_UNIT. Note that the printer resolution DOTS_PR_INCH is always the number of dots or pixels per inch. Several parameters take only TRUE or FALSE. To get a copy of the GMT parameter defaults in your home directory, run gmtdefaults -D &gt, ~/.gmtdefaults You may now change the settings by editing this file using a text editor of your choice, or use gmtset to change specified parameters on the command line. If you have typographical errors in your .gmtdefaults file(s), a warning message will be issued, and the GMT defaults for the affected parameters will be used. Source.

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