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SVG-edit is an online vector graphics editor that uses only JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and SVG (i.e. no server-side functionality). SVG-edit has the following features: As of version 2.5, SVG-edit has several configuration settings that can be overridden either by adding URL parameters or by setting the options in JavaScript. Options can be set using svgEditor.setConfig(options), where ‘options’ is an object literal of keys and values. This must be run before the actual page or DOM is loaded, else it will have no effect. This will set the default width/height of the image, the size of the outside canvas, and the default ‘fill’ color. Note: There is currently a bug that prevents data URIs ending with equals (=) characters from being parsed. Removing these characters seem to allow the import to work as expected. Categories: All Slideshow Tooltip Autocomplete Menu & Accordion Tabs Scroll Lightbox Date & Time Maps Charts Drag and drop Forms Validation Rating Captcha Mobile Media Social & RSS Text Editor Image editor File Upload Tables Layout Drawing & SVG Reader & Parser Game Animation Others Source.

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