INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR Instructor: Fazlan Amini Bin Zulkifly Email: November 2015 Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular vector-based applications. This powerful design tool effectively creates graphics and illustrations for all medias, including print, web and video. Specially for print purposes, Illustrator is ideal for text editing (i.e. resume, presentation handouts) and layout design (i.e. posters, stationary, graphs). MENU 1. Raster vs. Vector 2. The Interface: A Brief Orientation 3. New Document and Zoom tool 4. Pen tool 5. Selection tool and Direct Selection tool 6. Shape tool 7. Text tool and guides 8. Modifying objects, Stroke and Colour 9. Working with Raster Images 10. Layering In Illustrator 11. Creating PDF and Exporting files 12. Project .EXTRAS/ (Graph tool and Symbols) FOR MORE (Illustrator help, Books, Magazines, Websites, etc) 1 Source.

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