This Illustrator tutorial is a new approach in creating vectors as the subject is an interesting item with many detailed specifications. This tutorial will help you create a nice looking compass with magnifying glass. You will learn many special Illustrator techniques with this tutorial. Lovin’ Illustrator, huh? Well, have you started usin’ Illustrator to help build Flash movies? In this video tutorial, you’ll learn a few nifty techniques for getting material from Illustrator into Flash. We’ll start off with fully layered, fully editable Illustrator content, then you’ll see a few other methods for gettin’ the job done! In this fun beginner’s tutorial you’ll learn how to get sophisticated results using a few simple elements and effects. The design is based on M-Audio’s discontinued Trigger Finger Drum Pad Control Surface (see inset). Let’s get started! In this tutorial you will learn how to create a vector stop watch icon in Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is covering all the steps needed to create a great looking, realistic stop watch. Create a Vector Gift Box for upcoming Christmas using tools, such as, Rectangle Tool (M), Ellipse Tool (L), Extrude and Bevel 3D effect and some nice colors to create an eye catchy illustration. I want to get rid of mesh color fills messing up my file , yes as much as i love coloring up with mesh in works like this , things might get messy , as mesh refuses to go away from the final file even though i have deleted all the color nodes , the appearance pallete still shows Mesh points! and it just wont show how to delete the mesh points!? Yikes! help! Vary Width Markers Tool allows adding width markers randomly to your selected paths. This feature has several parameters which allows us to adjust variation and create thousands of new width markers in a few seconds. In this article we will discuss how to manage and use the Vary Width Markers feature. I’m hoping that you have Today you will learn how to create a Colorful bug creature in Adobe Illustrator. I will teach you how to use simple gradients to add lighting, also I will teach you how to use transparency to create the wing effects. Source.

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