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If your map includes geographic regions, you can customize the coloring of the regions to represent data values. Read Map and Chart Coloring Options for details. The classic Geographic Report includes three extra map layers that can be selected in the Filters section of the report. These layers are provided as vector graphics instead of raster graphics. Raster images are stored sets of pixels and can become muddy or blurry when reduced or enlarged, vector graphics are calculated from shapes and scale very smoothly. These elements give you additional control over the appearance of your map, and perform well when exporting a map as a scalable vector graphics file for use in another graphics or design tool (like Adobe Illustrator). Note: These options must be added in the Geographic Areas tab of the report’s filters section. This allows the layers to easily be rearranged on the map in the final report. Layer placement and other settings are configured from the map visual’s configuration dialog. The Water layer provides a discrete, opaque map layer that includes only areas of water. In situations where zip code or other geographic borders from the main map extend into adjacent water, the water layer can be used to cover and hide the useless parts of these shapes. The Major Roads and Major Places layers provide customizable levels of map detail. Use the map’s Configure… dialog to specify which elements appear on the map. Note that the labels on the Major Roads and Major Places layers are placed slightly differently from the labels on the standard map tiles. To avoid double labeling, always use the Landform map background when including labels from these layers. The map layers Water, Major Places, and Major Roads do not behave identically to other map tiles. Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with these layers. Map visuals can be saved as scalable vector graphics (SVG) files. This format gives high-quality images that can be used in a variety of applications. To download an SVG version of a map visual, open the settings menu at the top right of the visualization and choose Export SVG… This export capability allows you to use Rhizalytics to create high resolution geographic illustrations. The exported map files can be manipulated by graphic designers for use in publications, marketing collateral, and many other purposes. Researchers with sophisticated graphic design skills also can use this feature to achieve more map customization than is available within Rhizalytics or in a PowerPoint export. Source.

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