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The ECDIS FMD-3200 (with 19′ LCD) and FMD-3300 (with 23.1′ LCD) deliver great enhancement in terms of user interface as well as functionality. The ECDIS employs intelligently arranged Graphic User Interface elements that deliver task-based operation scheme to give the operator direct access to necessary operational procedure. Also, the new ECDIS utilises cutting edge chart-drawing engine that delivers instantaneous chart redraw with the seamless zooming and panning, hence making the ECDIS operation stress-free. The ECDIS will also bring about streamlined chart management scheme providing easy chart management independent of the chart providers. The ECDIS is compatible with Jeppesen Dynamic Licensing and it supports the Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO). Fully complying with the performance standard of ECDIS stipulated in IMO resolution MSC.232(82), the ECDIS is going to be a suitable candidate designated for new installation as well as retrofit to fulfill ECDIS mandatory carriage that is phasing in from July 2012 onward. *a radar sensor needs to be integrated in the network.** Radar and Alert Management System display capabilities are to be implemented as software update after product release. (option) Additional AIO layer includes all Admiralty Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners as well as additional ENC Preliminary Notices to Mariners, i.e., reported navigational hazards that have been incorporated into paper chart but have yet to be included in ENCs. The service is free of charge as part of Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) by UKHO. Sensor Adapter acts as central medium to gather all the sensor data and collectively feed it to all FMD-3200/3300 ECDIS and FCR-2xx9 Chart Radar in the system.Since sensor adapter can be extended to cover all the sensors within the system, individual cablings in the sensor-to-ECDIS/Radar interface can be greatly reduced. In order to integrate onboard sensors into the navigation network, the sensor adapter may be interfaced with the switching hub HUB-100 from which distribution of the sensor data throughout the network is possible.Alternatively, multiple sensor adapters may be interfaced via Ethernet to integrate onboard sensors for use in the shipboard network. Control UnitsThe operator control of the FMD-3200 and FMD-3300 can be done with the ECDIS Control Unit RCU-024 or the Trackball Control Unit RCU-026. All functions of the ECDIS can be accessed by using the trackball, scrollwheel and left/right clicking. When clicking on the InstantAccess bar™, the InstantAccess bar™ will retract to the edge of the screen. By clicking the hidden bar at the edge of the screen, the InstantAccess bar™ will come back in. The upper part of the InstantAccess bar™ contains the list of available tasks/functions specific to each of the ECDIS operation modes selected, hence providing quick access to the needed tasks/functions to be performed. While the menu items of the upper part of the InstantAccess bar™ change according to the mode selected, the lower part of the InstantAccess bar™ is static for all modes, except for ‘Mini Conning’, which is only available in the ‘Monitor mode’ and ‘Plan mode’. Once left-clicking on ‘Route’, a route planning menu window will open. The operators can use the trackball to enter waypoints directly onto the chart. After entering a waypoint, the operators can edit name, steering mode, radius, channel limit and other parameters of the waypoints on the menu window. When clicking on ‘User chart’, user chart tools (a palette and a menu window) will be displayed by which operators can create a user chart. A user chart is a layer consisting of marks and lines that can be produced and overlaid onto the chart. It is intended for indicating safety-related areas and objects. Route reports on waypoints and passage plan as well as user chart reports on tidals, lines, user-entered objects and user-dened areas can be directly accessed for viewing from the InstantAccess bar™. Source.

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