Because it covers the needs of designs organization and format conversion, embroidery simulation, pre-digitized fonts lettering, stitches edition, automatic creation of designs from images (auto-digitizing) and it also includes tools for standard digitizing. Because it has been developed with the latest technology available, and it provides a comfortable and productive user interface, the first in the industry. This product is born on the same platform of the professional systems created by the same author. Not only this product offers features only available in professional software, but this product guaranties the best cost-benefit ratio. Simply the value of a single embroidery design you can create is more than what you must pay in order to use this application. This product provides the tools for a productive activity for all task: while merging or modifying embroidery designs, personalizing the designs with letters and while creating simple or sophisticated creative designs. SEU Express and SEU Standard products are not commercial programs, therefore they are not recommended for commercial use (though that use is not prohibited) and they do not include support service. The cost associated with these products is simply a fee for the connection to the Internet servers, to maintain the infrastructure. If you need or want support or training services, we recommend hiring it separately or choose a commercial product that includes it (ask about STITCH ERA LIBERTY and its support and training plans). Mentioned prices for the connection of SEU Express and SEU Standard to the servers (official prices) have been established by the developer of these products. The characteristics of the products and their connection fees may change in the future, but these changes will not apply to products that are in force but after the end of the period of time of the connection fee. Some dealers offer SEU Express and SEU Standard (connection rights) from their websites. Dealers cannot offer the SEU Express and SEU Standard connection at values greater than the official prices. However, some dealers may offer them at lower values, even for free, and/or can offer it in conjunction with the purchase of any product or service at the corresponding price. ** Feature not included in SEU Express (only available in SEU Standard) *** SEU Standard limited to 40,000 stitches per design *** SEU Express limited to 12,000 stitches per design The below embroidery files were converted to different machine formats using STITCH ERA exporting tools. Please download and try them in your embroidery machine(s), as they are offered just to verify compatibility between STITCH ERA and most machine models. You may use any of the formats supported by your embroidery machine(s) (or by the machine software, if you own any), load & sew it. Please contact us if you experience any problem with any of them, or if your format is not included in our lists. Stitch Era Universal will work properly in your computer if it meets the mininum characteristics listed below. To get a better perfomance, we recommend that you consider the Suggested Configuration column, trying that your computer meets or exceeds the specified configuration. Stitch Era Universal has been developed to work on Microsoft® Windows® Vista (Home Premium or superior), Microsoft® Windows® 7 (Home Premium or superior) and Microsoft® Windows® 8 (Home Premium or superior) operating systems, therefore, it is essential that any of them be installed and running properly. Source.

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