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To apply for a self-certification, exemption, general permit, or individual/conceptual permit online, please use the DEP Business Portal. There is a $100.00 discount to apply using the DEP business portal for an individual/conceptual permit, and self-certification of single-family dock exemptions is free. If you choose not to apply through the DEP business portal, you may submit the forms below along with any supplemental information either by email or paper mail. If you want to submit by email, please use the Electronic Submission Instructions. Please note, the $100.00 discount for individual/conceptual permit applications does not apply if you do not submit your application through the DEP business portal. If your project is regulated by a delegated local program (Broward or Hillsborough County), please contact your delegated local program. If you want to submit by paper mail, please send the forms to your local DEP district office. If you are mailing large files, please include a CD with an electronic copy of the application. Coordination Agreement between the US Army Corps of Engineers (Jacksonville District) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Adobe PDF Format) Federally Threatened or Endangered Species and Candidate Species for Federal Listing in Florida Counties (Adobe PDF Format) Source.

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