Books from Boots Photo are the catalogue management improvements featuring horses can be discovered at the. Vector Conversion service of Litch Technologies is now launched as Cherry Graphics, a fully graphics artwork conversion service Company. In Vector graphics points, curves, lines, polygons etc are used to represent the complete image. Anybody having logo in bitmap format and want to have it converted in vector can use our service. After we receive your payment(using Paypal or Wire Transfer), we will send you the vector file in email attachment. Create a vector conversion of an original or any existing product to be used in a magazine ad. Digital images that we normally view on computer are of two types Raster and Vector images. While raster images are continued to be used by individuals for personal use, Vectorized images are often used for professional use like Animation Company, CAD, and high resolution graphics. Raster to Vector conversions is a method to convert documents into electronic formats, which enables them to be efficiently stored in a secure form (not vulnerable to damage). A perfect example of critical artwork one of our Australian client asked for customized vector design from ordinary picture a kangaroo. Cartoon character (Tom & Jerry) nourished from a very ordinary bitmap file, converted into vector artwork with the help of Illustrator. With the help of Illustrator, this Cartoon Character (SpiderMan) is converted customized vector image from simple JPEG file to use into a poster design and t-shirt printing for a U.S. If you don’t have your logo and want to design directly in vector format, we can also do that. In heads-up digitization, the raster image is used as a backdrop over which the vector drawing is constructed using tools. Convert any Logo, Artwork, Illustration, Stencils, Maps, Signs, Crests, Decal designs, Badges, Patches, Photographs, Race Cars, Paintings, Caricatures etc. Images for personal use can be raster however, to have a better presentation, Companies generally prefer vector graphics. CDR (Corel Draw ), AI (Adobe illustrator) EMF (Enhanced Metafile), WMF (Windows Metafile), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) etc. We can draw custom vector illustration according to your needs, either it be for your marketing need or it can be cartoon or fashion illustration. There is a smooth feel look with vector images and hence is more preferred while creating corporate logos. Whereas, vectorized images use geometrical formulas for processing an image, which gives better quality and freedom to edit without doing slightest of damage to the quality of the image. So that you can use this vector logo in your any of the company stationary and in any size ! We can provide high quality, timely delivery of vector art for regularly needs of artwork conversion. We at Vector People convert raster to vector images for our clients, as per their requirement. You can edit any part or property of the vector image , like color, angle, width etc without degradation of image quality. Source.

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