A DXF output file is a plotter ready file that you can generate from any map on the system. The DXF file is a standard CAD interchange format specified by Autodesk Inc. (www.autodesk.com) and can be imported into many programs (see below). The file is useful for high quality plotting of maps and, to a lesser extent, can be used in GIS programs. In order to use the DXF file, you will need two programs. When you download the file, it is compressed into a ZIP format so you will need a program that can uncompress it. Winzip (www.winzip.com) is a common free program that works well. You will also need a program that reads DXF files (see below). The DXF file content is basically what you see on the map prior to generating the DXF. The image resolution is higher, however. What this means is if, for example, your map scale is such that you are seeing background well spots, you will see those in the DXF. If you do not have well spots on your map, you will not have them in the DXF. There is no additional well header information in the file beyond whatever labels are rendered on your map. Each Drillinginfo.com account has a quota of 50 DXF downloads per month. Please contact Drillinginfo.com if you require more downloads. DXF map files downloaded from Drillinginfo are in geodetic (lat/long) NAD 27 format. A project (conversion to X-Y format) must be applied to the DXF file in order to create an accurately scaled map. One software program that can be used to apply a variety of different projections – whether state plane or UTM – is Tralaine, from Rockware®. Tralaine retails for $495. A ‘Drillinginfo Special’ has been arranged which will allow Drillinginfo subscribers to obtain both Tralaine and the CAD Viewer program (see below) for a total of $495 plus tax, if applicable. This special is subject to change without notice. To purchase this special package, contact Alex Diamond at Rockware® by phone at 800-775-6745, ext. 100, or via email at (alex@rockware.com). For more information on Rockware® go to (www.rockware.com). Source.

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