You can use a variety of drawing tools to mark a point of interest on the map and/or establish measures of distance, area, or set coordinates. These tools are useful if you want to customise a map with your own markers and notes, or measure the distance of a particular feature such as a walking track. Use the draw tools to create points, lines or polygons. You can also add text boxes, set font size, and change the colour of your drawings and text. You can also modify the layout of any drawings using the Edit function (see the section below on editing drawings). The Draw Straight Line tool enables you to draw either a single straight line or a series of connected straight lines. The Draw Freehand Line tool enables you to draw a single line by tracing the outline with your cursor. This is useful for drawing irregular lines such ascurves, or tracing the line of a particular feature such as a walking track. You can add text boxes to your map using the Draw Text tool. This is particularly useful if you want to add notes or directions to your map. If your drawing was created using the line or polygon tools, each point and vertex of the line, or outline of the polygon, will be displayed. This allows you to modify the layout of your drawing using your mouse. Source. Here you can find a full bse of Vector Maps of England in Adobe Illustrator.”

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