Hi Jim, I’ll borrow a copy of F&D and look through that section again, to ensure that the definitions used in vtkCamera match. The new camera code should use the same definitions as the old camera code (except for the WindowCenter creating a shear for parallel projections, which I’m certain was wrong). The breakdown of the camera view and projection transformations in the new code hardly follows F&D at all, though. Its approach is much closer to OpenGL (which is much, much cleaner IMHO and every bit as correct). I didn’t take specification of oblique projection angles from either F&D or OpenGL, but as far as I know these are standard as per drafting texts. An oblique view plane would probably only be used with perspective for head-tracked stereo with a powerwall. Setting oblique projection angles is probably not the best way to do this, but it can be used to set up the correct view for one eye or the other (not both at the same time). The old vtkCamera code couldn’t support head-tracked stereo either, though. I’ve written a section on what is involved inside vtkProjectionTransform.cxx, someone could eventually add the functionality to vtkCamera. – David On Wed, 3 May 2000, Miller, James V (CRD) wrote: &gt, Source.

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