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At Digital Projections, we use a variety of software and equipment to produce various digital products for: CAD, GIS, GPS, Desktop Publishing, Designs, and Graphics Software. Our digital data output is compatible with most industry standard software for both Mac and PC. We offer great flexibility and expertise in this area, at very competitive rates. Bundle your order and receive a great quantity discount on multiples and on larger projects. Digitizing Service: Transform your paper maps or drawings to digital vector files. This type of file format would be much easier to edit in the future, very versatile as it is layered according to logical information. This format can also provide you clear prints at virtually any size, as it is resolution independent. We can trace your existing data (digitize) quickly and accurately. At our low rate of $49 cdn per hour, we can up-date your existing vector, raster, paper based maps or drawings, or simply produce new ones from scratch based on your ideas and sketches. Since Digital Projections is a small business and we have low over-head cost, this allows us to pass on the savings to our valued customers, and the quality is always excellent. Small samples of our work are located on this site as various images. For special requests, please contact us, and we will be happy to email you related samples. Vector file formats supported: AutoCAD (DWG, DXF), MapInfo (TAB, MID/MIF), ArcView & ArcInfo (SHP) Shape files, Microstation (DGN), Adobe Illustrator (AI, EPS), CorelDraw (CDR), PhotoShop (PSD), and many more. Large Format Scanning: Output produced from our top quality, full color, high resolution 52 inch wide roll fed Scanner. Our rate for this service is $4.00 cdn per square foot for color, Grayscale, or B/W. We can post most scanned files quickly on our FTP site and provide you with a clickable link, to easily download. Alternatively, we can burn Data to CD-Rom or DVD, or put files on your USB stick, or Email (if under 10 mb.) Our minimum for scanning small items is $9.95 cdn per each (up to letter size), and minimum of $29.95 cdn per item off the large format scanner. So please send us your paper maps, prints, photos, charts, drawings, artwork, pictures, paintings, posters, banners, etc. for high quality scanning from paper to digital. Transform these paper items to a digital raster (scanned) files, which you can edit without damaging the originals, and of course print clearly from and reproduce. When ordering, please choose the output from: B/W, Grayscale, Indexed 256 colors (8 bit), RGB (16 bit), or CMYK. If possible, please also specify the DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution you would like to see (otherwise 300 dpi is usually standard). All images are color corrected for optimum quality at no extra charge. Order with confidence. Go with Digital Projections and you will receive the best quality scans from your paper items. Raster file formats supported: TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PDF, TFW/Tiff, CGM, RAW, and many more. These popular raster formats are compatible with too many software to mention. Please contact us today for a quote, and with the details of your project. Quantity Discounts Available: If you have multiple sheets to scan, please let us know before hand, and we will lower our square footage price depending on the size of your order. Source.

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