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please i need help with splitting puzzle to separate parts … im crazy from it because im in deadend :o( I have white lines on black background and need this white lines use like cutting lines for separation each piece of puzzle and i dont have any idea how to do it …. im not expert in corel im still learning with every project … thanks a lot fo any advice help or link … First, select your image, than left click on ‘X’ above color pallet to remove black background. Than with file selected right click on red pallet for cut-lines. Tony thank you for advice may be i didnt describe what i exactly want because my english isnt good enough … i need split puzzle to small pieces because puzzle will be 120×80 cm and my work place is just 74*45cm. When i will split puzzle i will change color from black to none or white and contour to hairline red for cutting …. and than i can put groups of pieces to workplace aprox 74*45 and cut it. Hello everybody thank you for your posts. Ill try 4 or 6 rectangles because overlaps may be its easier way how to do it. to Milazim yes its map of europe i think good puzzle … when i will be finished with this project i want create smaller puzzle from USA map because my daughter have one day at elementary school dedicated to talking about USA. How did you get the vector lines? You may search the web to see if there is a vector map out there. If so you maybe able to ‘break’ the map apart There are many fragment here which will create issues, as well as overlaps. (overlaping areas will be cut twice) Also if you are hand drawing this I would simplify it a bit to make pieces a bit more rounded and some with small areas. Does the size have to be bigger than your bed size or can you shrink it to fit? i receive this not perfect vector from customer and it seems that i must finish it to be good enought. Puzzle is bigger than bed size .. i have 74*45 cm … I thought I remembered seeing a puzzle cut out in vector that you could apply to a square or rectangle desing with some minor alterations but I can’t remeber where I saw it for the life of me. Source.

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